Should the Western World intervene in the Middle East?

  • Yes we should

    We should be because we are good people and if we don't they might try and blow up the united states of America and would we know about it NOPE because we were not involved into there conflicts so we would have just lost a lot of things because we weren't involved.

  • Yes they should

    I'm going to focus mostly on Syria. If we look at the start of the Syria Civil war the president, Bashar Al-Assad was gassing and murdering his own people. The West are currently involved in Syria to prevent this from happening and to prevent ISIS from taking control of more land. I say that is the West let the president of Syria continue it would be completely inhumane. A civilized country can not stand by and let another country destroy themselves. And now to go on th=o why the should intervene. We lived in a globalized world. What one country does affects another country . You can see this in the migrant crisis. It is like pollution problems cross borders if the west have the power they need to help our fellow brothers and sisters so even more countries are not effected. This is why I strongly believe that the western World should intervene in the middle east.

  • Us is needed

    If america was not in the middle east there would be even more chaos then there is today. Think of everything that the military has done over in the middle east......If they were not over there it would be terrible think of how much more the extreme groups would do!

  • History repeats itself

    I am not saying that Aassad is Hitler or this is directly similar to the Holocaust. But Hitler and Germany thrived in the world where they could not be stopped before World War 2. If America intervened then the outcome could have been a lot different. America allowing Assad to kill his own people is bad enough but then to use chemical warfare! America must strike or the middle east rulers will thrive and Russia will benefit. Unfortunately America didn't intervene when the death count was lower.

  • Yes, of course

    The Middle East is a troubled region, and the "Arab Spring" has not helped bring democracy; only an intervention from America, Israel, and other western nations can do that. We toppled Saddam, and have Iran on a tight leash. But we must go further, we must overthrow all anti-America and anti-West dictatorships and bring in democracy. This will bring back the stability, not isolationism or non-interventionism.

  • Yes, it should intervene.

    The reason that the western world needs to intervene in the Middle East is because there are many extremist groups in the Middle East that hate the western world and thus are a threat to the security of the western world. The governments have a responsibility to protect their citizens, so they need to fight against threats in the Middle East.

  • Yes the Western World should intervene.

    Yes, I believe that the Western World does need to intervene in the Middle East in order to help ease tensions. I think that the United States and other western countries have a moral obligation to try and help the Middle East find some peace, and that can only occur though interventions.

  • Yes and no

    I am leaning more towards yes because these extreme groups need to be crushed if they are not who knows what will happen. Other than that there is no point being in the middle east wasting are money. It is ridiculus to pull out of some countries where these terrorist are because they will just grow and be a terror all throughout the world.

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  • They should not.

    It will create the plausibility of the 3rd world war creating more destruction than the alliance would have created a concord or a general consensus. Also, The western folks are as familiar to the middle east as the jihadists are to Mars. The middle east conflict should be resolved only by the countries involved or the countries willing to help in any possible way. The Jewish and the Palestinians have their own history of prolonged wars which is not in the good of USA to interfere in.

  • We shouldnt Intervene

    This will create much more conflict between the two, also creating greater anger to burn in them showing, more and more anger until WW III Breaks out causing more threat to the U.S which makes the U.S another target for the Middle East, This will cause major war for Everyone

  • We shouldnt Intervene

    This will create much more conflict between the two, also creating greater anger to burn in them showing, more and more anger until WW III Breaks out causing more threat to the U.S which makes the U.S another target for the Middle East, This will cause major war for Everyone

  • They should not

    The middle east already has problems of their own they dont need the american military storming in and killing everyone. And then people wonder why the middle east does not like the US and keeps getting attacke. The us mainly interfier for the oil in the kmiddle east wich is an extremely dumb reason to interfier with someones country.

  • Not our business

    What goes on there is none of our business . The muslims do not like westerners so there is one good reason. I think they resent us being in their country and rightly so we have no business there. When I think about the money we could have saved.... Mindboggling. Lets get our armies out of there and get them protecting our own cities and countries.

  • It only makes it even worse

    Yes, some dictators may be inhumane and barabric, but rather they keep order, than rebel groups creating an anarchy. Just look at how Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan looked in the past, before being invaded by the US. They were pretty liberal countries full of culture. The civil war in Syria could be over in a short time, if not for western involvement, which just makes it an ever-destroying stalemate.

  • The west have done enough.

    If you look at most of the conflicts around the world including places like the Middle East and Africa , they have mostly, if not all stemmed from western involvement in their affairs. This has been happening way before colonialist-ism and the crusades. The west have enough blood on their hands.

  • Learn from past

    Most of the Middle East have a dictatorial regime ? Why? Short ans is that what works there till the people of Middle East themselves unit together for a change . West intervention though on paper seems benevolent , end result is complete coas with non functioning governing structure
    Terrisom thrives in a failed state.

  • Prolonged escalated conflict

    The west need to leave these countries alone. It's very undemocratic to assume that western nations should have a say in the affairs of the middle east, particularly if such politicans have no clue about middle eastern culture and affairs. Defeating terrorism can only come through education not direct war.

  • I am conflicted.

    On one hand, the US is responsible for most conflicts currently happening in the Middle East, indirectly or directly. On the other, it seems intervention is only creating more animosity towards the US and in the Middle East itself, and pulling out of there is the best we can do. The Middle East should develop itself and not be shaped by the US' blunders there.

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