Should the White House release the secret drones memo?

  • The American people have a right to know.

    By the Freedom of Information Act, the White House should release the secret drones memo. The American people have a right to know what is going on in the current administration. The secret memo may shed light on this controversial topic that will answer questions and put the matter to rest.

  • Yes

    Obama ran on a platform of government transparency. So far he has not lived up to the expectations. He has kept more things secret and punished more whistleblowers than even George W. Bush did before him. He needs to release these memos to the public so that everyone can see what they are getting up to.

  • Yes, They Should

    The White House should be releasing the secret drone memo as soon as possible. There is no justified national security concern to argue that such a memo should not be released. The Obama administration promised transparency in our government, and this is an excellent way to deliver on that promise that was made.

  • No.

    The White House should not release the secret drones memo. All information should not be given to the public because it could and probably would jeopardize the national security of the country. If it does not impact the immediate safety and security of the average person it is not necessary that they be informed, and drone attacks take place thousands of miles away.

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