• Yes It Should

    It is a shame that the Obama White House is not renewing its Job Council. It was set up to give him non-partisan advice about the unemployment crisis we are experiencing in the United States. Job creation is one of the most important issues the government needs to be tackling, so they should be valuing more information instead of ditching it.

  • No - Obama Should Not Renew the Jobs Council

    No, Obama should not renew the jobs council. The government can only create jobs in certain sectors, such as teachers, police, firefighters and the military. There are several better ways to improve the job market. We need to reform immigration because we need to keep the foreign engineers and doctors we train in our schools. Immigrants are also great entrepreneurs. We need to also fix healthcare and take the burden off of private business so they have more flexibility. End the war on drugs and legalize some narcotics. When prohibition was repealed thousands of jobs were created from the bar owner, the brewery, the farmer and the truck drivers who did the delivery. There are so many answers that are staring at us we just need people in Congress to take action.

  • NO

    All it amounts to is some council of people that sit in their little ivory towers and try to figure out what they can do without actually understanding the nature of the common man's reality. These people can't come up with good ideas because they don't understand how the real world works for most people.

    It's just a job program for the President's buddies, and they've failed miserably to actually come up with anything decent. The unemployment rate is still very high, and the labor participation rate has been falling steadily for the past five years.

    There's no point in keeping around a council that has failed miserably. It's just a waste of taxpayer money.

  • No, They Should Not

    Since its inception, the Jobs Council has been a failure by almost every measure. We are entering our fifth year of the Great Recession and things are only now barely starting to improve. The Jobs Council has yet to actually provide any usable advice to improve the plight of all citizens here in America.

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