Should the White Sox replace Brett Lawrie with Todd Frazier as third baseman?

  • Better for the White Sox

    Lawrie should absolutely replace Frazier at third base. This allows for Frazier to move to second, where he is better suited anyways. The White Sox have been jockeying for Brett Lawrie ever since the end of the season and he is just what they need. After watching the Cubs come so close, the Sox must be feeling like they are ready to be the Chicago star once again with Lawrie in the middle of their line-up.

  • Todd Frazier is a strong asset to any baseball team, both on and off the field.

    In addition to being a Home Run Derby contestant and All-star game participant, Todd Frazier is also an all-star off the field. He has been reported as one of the friendliest and most approachable players in the MLB. A charismatic player such as Frazier is a huge boost for the White Sox, and while Brett Lawrie is a great baseball player, he lacks the resume and reputation that comes with Frazier.

  • No, they already have the talent that they need.

    No, the Red Sox should not make the trade. If the team thinks that making this trade is what is going to improve their team performance, they are wrong. They have the talent that they need, they just need to work on the way the team works together as a whole.

  • Lawrie just was put on the Sox!

    Brett Lawrie was JUST acquired by the Chicago White Sox, who have had a constantly turned over third baseman position. Lawrie is the White Sox's chance to finally keep a player permanently in the third base spot, and shouldn't be replaced before he even has a shot at spring training!

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