Should the winter holidays be more about personal happiness (yes) or service to others (no)?

  • Winter holidays should be more about personal happiness

    Winter holidays should be more about personal happiness. In my opinion, I love to spend my winter holidays going to different places and doing things I like. There is nothing wrong with that and I believe more people should do that. I still believe though that service to others is just as important, and should be done if energy, time and money is available to individuals who wish to do so.

  • No, it's a time to help others

    The winter holidays celebrate those who were willing to help the poor and bring happiness to others. They also occur at a time of the year when suicides escalate and the homeless are especially vulnerable to the weather. Psychological studies have shown that personal happiness can increase by benefitting others, and the best time to test that theory is during the holidays.

  • Service to others has been missing from the holidays.

    There has been so much focus on gift giving and material objects that our focus on service to others is being quickly lost. Personal service gives you a feeling of being useful as well as being helpful to other people. If we reinstated the desire to be helpful to one another, especially during the holiday season, the world would be improved greatly.

  • No: Winter Holidays Should Be More About Service to Others

    The majority of people spend their time performing tasks that generally benefit themselves or perhaps small numbers of people to whom they are close. The winter holidays represents a small portion of the year in which it is possible to expands one's circle of compassion to include larger numbers of people. This is an important aspect of these holidays, and it should be emphasized. It is a mechanism to bring about acts of kindness rather than those motivated purely for personal gain.

  • No, the winder holidays should be more about others.

    I think that looking at the winder holidays as a service to others will make everybody happier. I think that personal greed is only going to be negative for society. If we all tried to help each other and work together, we can all make a better world. And the holidays should be one of those times we focus on that.

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