Should the words "In God We Trust" be removed from US currency?

Asked by: P1zZa123
  • The words should be removed.

    US currency is of the United States of America. People that live here are commonly called Americans. The words on the currency imply that all Americans trust in god. Not all Americans trust in god. Not all Americans believe in a single god, or any god. So, these words inaccurately represent the United States of America. It should be removed.

  • Yes, the word should be taken off

    And no! The numbers GOD should not be removed from the Federal Reserve Note. 1. It can be represented by number not just by word. 2. It is a symbolism to the only documented separation of Church and State held in a public declared, by Constitution. 3. It is a reminder to a security feature. As the Note is not the only currency used under the United States Trust. A credit dollar is also U.S. currency, but is not limited by identification with serial number. This lifting is removing a limit of ownership to the one credited dollar holder.
    When 50 people all hold the same dollar printed as credit, the value is said to be still $1.00.
    When the same 50 people all hold a dollar printed as a Federal Reserve Note. When the same serial number is found on each Note its value is greatly diminished.

  • No they should keep it on for my humor.

    I find it rather funny. Kind of an oxymoron. Money is more worshipped then God. By leaving it on money religious people (who believe in god) can feel okay with having it there pocket. It takes the focus off of the sin at hand. That way Then can hand it out in church like "God" would be happy for you to give him this object worshipped more then "him".

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