Should the words "under God" be used in the pledge?

  • As a student.

    As a student, I believe we should say it everyday, it is respect for God and our Country, it does not take a long time, it's quick. So we should keep it and say it everyday. If someone does not want to say the pledge of allegiance, that's fine. But we should not want to take it out. If someone believes in God, then us believers have the right to say it and keep it. If you don't believe in God it's your choice because Salvation is individual, but you got the right to sit down and don't say anything. Without God we are nothing. We can't just take out laws because someone has a hatred towards another group. Atheists should just accept it, it's been here for 60 years, there is no point in taking it out now. And anyways no harm is done if you say it. Jesus Christ Loves you! All of you! Everyone! So Much! God is good and God is faithful.

  • “Under God” should remain in the Pledge.

    When the pledge of allegiance was created they added the under god part because everyone was Christian. They did not purposely offend anyone. Also if it is such a big deal then why did no one ever say something against it until recently? It was made in there if people CHOOSE not to say it then that is there choice but everyone else should not have to relearn the who pledge. They have to reteach it just because some people felt that there choice to not say it should be required of everyone. Just because they feel that way does not mean that everyone should have to feel that way to. At least this way everyone can do what they want, say it or not, but if it was taken out then half of the people would have that right/ choice taken away. Either way half of the people will be unhappy, but it would be bad to change it now it is a document in history and changing it would be wrong.

  • There is a reason all this G-d stuff is in America

    Communists want to exterminate religion, so during the Red Scare we put "under G-d," and "In G-d we trust" in our crap, ob course in G-d we trust was on the coins since 1864, but it wasn't on the money until 1957. We still need to make it very clear that we are not a communist nation, and that communism is not welcome here.

  • People shouldn't be forced to pledge what they don't believe in

    I am an atheist, like many others, and I don't think we should have to use a religious term in the pledge. It would come out forced - as atheists obviously wouldn't mean it - and disrupt the rest of the pledge. Personally, I think religious people should have the option to say it, but not make it customary. Atheists deserve to say a pledge they mean and believe in; if you're not religious, there's no point saying "under God".

  • We are a secular nation

    Under the first amendment we have freedom of, and more importantly from, religion. There is a separation of church and state, which WAS decided when the constitution, the final law in all American affairs, was written. Public schools are funded by the state, making this religious connotation controversial to the constitution. Those who are patriotic but not religious may feel uncomfortable having to choose between their country and their religion, or lack of it. It is important to change this because we are a progressive country that does not accept the past for what it is, but questions the necessity and value of all things.

  • Under God was added in 1954

    Pledge was written in 1892 by a magazine editor to sell magazines, and it had no God language. Under God was added due to lobbying by the Knights of Columbus during the Cold War, McCarthy era. And people have complained about the God language for many years. "One nation indivisible" was the original wording, and is the best wording. Keep God out of it.

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