Should the Words "under God" Remain in the Pledge if a Majority of Americans Want to Keep It?

  • "Under God", yes needs to remain in place as is.

    Why would any one even want to consider taking these words out of anything?? You don't see anyone ever saying that they want to take "God" out of our money. I don't feel that this would ever be a majority vote to make changes in our countries "Pledge of Allegiance".

  • Yes, it is historical.

    Yes, the words "Under God" should remain in the pledge if a majority of Americans want to keep it, because it has always been in the Constitution. When the founding fathers provided for freedom of religion, they did not mean freedom from religion. They also did not mean that the government should never reference God. It is fine to pledge allegiance to God.

  • Yes, if that is what the majority wants

    If more people want to keep Under God in the Pledge of Allegiance than there are people who oppose it, then that is what should be done. That is the point of voting. I don't think that it is inherently offensive or demeaning and therefore should not be removed simply because a minority of people want it removed.

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