• Support on reduced work week

    Pay should remain the same despite the decrease in hours. It will all adjust itself in the economy regarding salary vs. Hourly. Employees will not be bitter and instead will be happy to do their job (hopefully) allows for more flexibility in shifts for those that need to be present at night and those that need to be present during the day no matter the circumstance- family, kids, school, second job (but hopefully not). If you haven't travelled to Italy, in the mid to southern towns and large cities, you wouldn't understand that the way of life can be so easy and carefree. Look up your state laws, you will surprised to find that most of you are not guaranteed a break nor a lunch period in which you are paid. In what world is it normal for anyone that is reading this not to take a break to use the restroom, etc. The laws in effect have been loosely followed but have gradually been cracked down upon....Therefore, I don't understand whom is voting for the 50% NOT in support of the 30 her work week other than greedy money and power hungry #**hole*.

  • The work week should be reduced to 30 hours.

    The work week should be reduced to 30 hours. This would allow people to spend more time with their families or just having more free time. Also, more people would have jobs because every one would be working less hours because of the reduced work week, so the unemployment rate would go down.

  • The work week should not be reduced to 30 hours.

    Decreasing the standard work week to 30 hours could have negative impacts. Employees would have smaller paychecks and would naturally believe that they need a raise in pay to maintain their previous standard of living. School schedules, business hours, and many other things would have to be revised to meet the changes. What would be gained by working fewer hours and bringing home less money per week?

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