• The world should be concerned about the conflict between China and Hong Kong

    Today, we live in a highly globalized society. Every event that occurs affects the economies and social environments of other countries in the world. We should take special interest in this conflict because we do a lot of business with China and this could impact our economy. We should also look at the precedent that it is setting and how it could affect the sociopolitical landscape in other parts of the world, including the United States.

  • It will not effect our economy

    Although China controls stuff, it is not necessary to be worried about what happens there, as that is their problem not ours. Britain and America already have problems in their countries, and so should resolve them first, before intervening with other countries problems as the problem will resolve itself peacefully eventually.

  • We are outsiders.

    That would be parallel to poking out noses into other family's business when we do not understand the frictions and past history between the members of the family. Most likely that would only escalate the situation. Let them solve the problem by themselves. I'm pretty sure they can handle it.

  • No, the world should not be concerned.

    The conflict between Hong Kong citizens and mainland China citizens is strictly related to those in China. It has been a constant battle between these people seeing as the people on the mainland of China do not see the people of Hong Kong as a part of China seeing as they feel so culturally distant. A majority of people in Hong Kong are from a vast amount of different countries which makes it difficult for those living on the mainland to accept these people.

    In conclusion, this conflict is local. It has nothing to do with other countries. It is something that the population of China has to resolve in their own manner.

  • China maybe a power source, but we shouldn't be worried.

    China and Hong Kong's populations may be staggering and cover a fifth of the world's population, but there is no need to panic. What China does within its country is there problem. And with there strict regulations on pretty much everything, they can deal with there problems and we don't have to worry about anything they do.

  • They will resolve it

    They will resolve it. It should not be concerning. This is because both places have a lot of economic concerns and pressures they need to keep up with. They will not allow themselves to be embroiled to the point that it affects finance. If it comes close, then forces will appear that move the conflict along to progress.

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