Should the World Be Doing More to Combat ISIS in Light of Recent Attacks in Iraq?

  • ISIS Needs to be Dismantled from the Inside

    The world should be doing more. They should not be on the defense but be taking preventative measures from these kinds of groups to start up in the first place. The best way to do this is through education and providing access to everyone. The ideologies should be corrected from the beginning so people don't grow up thinking such organizations are the way to get things done.

  • Yes, I think there is a lot more the world needs to be doing to combat ISIS.

    ISIS seems to be growing stronger every day and sees very little repercussions from their actions. ISIS has performed attacks all over the world in many different types of situations and not many countries have retaliated against them. The U.S., for example, should certainly do something after the recent attacks in Orlando, but nothing has been done.

  • Yes, it takes a global effort

    ISIS is like a cancer that slowly seeps into new areas to decimate and destroy every segment of the population. They want to kill everyone for any reason in the most brutal fashions imaginable. The world is finally being forced to work together to destroy them, which is ironic. The devil tries to divide and conquer but the only way for all of us to survive is to rely on each other's intelligence and surveillance and planning strategies.

  • Yes, the World should be doing more to combat ISIS.

    The World should be doing more to defeat ISIS in light of the continued violence in Iraq. The country is experiencing some of its most horrific attacks sense the start of the Iraq War in 2003. Thousands have been killed by ISIS over the past few years. The World must send the military resources needed to destroy this terrorist organization.

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