• The world as one. Wouldn't that be legendary!

    I believe everyone has an identity and cultural distinctiveness of their own. The absence of borders won't change this, in fact, it would help it. If humanity stopped fighting and competing against one another; if we bound together in a common cause, we could accomplish spectacular things. We'd work a hundred times faster this way too.

  • It should and I believe in that.

    One day the earth is going to be under one government but not what many people BELIEVE that the government is the USA. A lot of religious people mentioned that there is a leader who is going to save this world and stands for oppressed, poor and homeless people. One day we'll see one currency, one flag, one language, one world and people are going to love each other more than any time!

  • The world as one. Wouldn't that be legendary?

    I believe that everyone has an identity and cultural distinction that is theirs. The absence of borders can never take this away and I'm definite of this. If the world was united and differences put aside, humanity could accomplish amazing things. As a team, the World would complete things and solve global problems 100x faster than if we stayed divided and suspicious of one another. I hope it comes to this for the sake of the entire human race!

  • I think the human race is a embarrassment unless we change our ways

    Just because you unite the whole world doesn't mean that it's creating no culture its creating the culture of the human race and in my opinion its the only way this race and planet will survive at this rate we will destroy it with pollution or fallout. If we unite as one we can advance technology faster get clean energy and get closer to expanding to other planets. Now it is a stretch tho some people like terrorist Russia and North Korea most likely won't want to do it. The only way I see it happening is uniting the most of the world and they'll join because everyone else has or u eradicate the military then take the citizens. I bet u if aliens exist there laughing at us because of how stupid and childish we act. We slaughter each other and most of the times it religion. The Middle East situation makes me laugh they fight over the holy land why. If someone went in and destroyed the city without killing anyone the whole situation would die down I look at the human race and Im discusted at what I c. But there are good people and nations but are cons out way our pros. So yes one country would benefit the species but it is a dream

  • Borders mean nothing.

    I am proud of my nationality, i'll say that. Although believe that borders are just blood-stained lines in sand. Needed by Insecure fatcats to make themselves feel more powerful. Everyone is equally powerful and i hate the societies/governments that take that away, we should be our own people, not our country's!!

  • Good for the World

    The world with just one country brings everyone together and become more diverse. If we eliminate borders, then we could eliminate the wars and violence for good, no tensions between ethnic groups, no invasions and occupations, no one can judge one another by their outward appearance and no need for religion also.

  • Equality, freedom, liberty!

    Every one will once and for all be equal to each other. If we were one country problems such as terrorism and competition between countries would not be a problem. As for currency and language everybody is entitled to their own cultures and beliefs !!!! No one should be judged or would be judged because we would all see each other as ONE.

  • Better (hopefully) and Inevitable.

    Eventually people are going to stop hating other creatures of their species and turn more and more to science and space. As people become more connected cultures get merged, as does language. A representative government (like the U.S Government) will probably never become a dictatorship, for the separation of power. Unfortunately, if the world does not become the United Countries of Earth than it will be because the gradual merge of countries was not peaceful. If our world goes on the war path it will likely become a world of ghosts with no thoughts, no countries, no graves, and a whole lot of radioactive residue. Another possibility is that Each country which truly begins to threaten the peace of other countries will be annihilated one by one until only the most peaceable, powerful countries exist, which would then merge (probably). If one of those nations is not annihilated though and proceeds to conquer the world (miraculously without reducing it to a pile of ash) the Earth would be united. A union made by this type of war though will probably end in dictatorship and rebellion, once again fracturing the world. (It is of course always possible that the world will resign to this ubercountries rule if it is fair enough or is powerful/intimidating enough)

  • A world-country would be more peaceful, and more equitable.

    Wars between countries due to a not equitable share of wealth are raging, and have been raging since the beginning of civilizations. Under one government, the wealth would be spread fairly. Under one jurisdiction, it would be more peaceful and contribute to stop terrorism and crime as one country's law will not clash with another. It is the solution to a more advanced and equitable human population.

  • I Believe It is Inevitable

    With globalization and the increase in communications technology the world is continuously getting smaller. With modern communication technology you can video chat with someone on the other side of the world as long as you have stable internet as if you were all in the same room. The UN has more influence along with other multinational alliances. All of the most powerful and influential countries around the world have more pull now more than ever and can instate proper policies around the world as international law or norms. Social acceptance is becoming a greater and greater trend in today's modern societies.

    One day we will all be under one central government and the country you live in now may only be little more than a county in a single, world-wide nation.

  • Useless and Impossible

    It is impossible. We are all too different and we need to respect that. Become one country? Then we'd basically be mindless drones of no culture because it'd all just be one culture with no distinct forms. Merging everything takes away national pride or structure.

    My nationality is a big part of my identity and you should be proud of where you came from. So why do you want to take that away?

  • No no no it can not happen it will not happen

    First, it would not work, nations like Iran an Syria would never even recognize Israel as a country let alone join with them in a peaceful alliance or one nation. As long as extremists like Isis and the Taliban exist they will always try to create new nations that are what they think to be right. Look at nigeria, they are very war torn and the have many different groups.

  • How Would The Goverment Work?

    Well, if this were to become a reality, ummm how would govern it. Every countries Goverement is Differerent. If a solution was found, it wouldn’t exist because no one will be happy at the new Goverment Governing this new country. In addition, we are all very diverse and each country has certain beliefs, and there still will be wars, when half of this new country succeeds on day 1.

  • There is a reason people move away from their parents.

    People are stubborn. They conjugate together because they have similar beliefs and social structures. When someone doesn't feel they don't align with their surroundings, they leave to find a new community or create their own. Trying to go back and change the minds of the original clan is really really hard because their standards aren't the same as yours. Each place has their own problems: New york and transportation, Wisconsin and their terrible weather... You wouldn't understand their problems unless you lived there.

  • Countries have individual cultures.

    Ever heard of nationalism? It's the desire of an ethnicity to form it's own country, and to govern themselves. This was a huge deal in the 19th-20th centuries, and several wars were fought over it. Self-determination is one of the basic rights of a nationality, and removing that right would cause worldwide anger.

  • The world is too diverse

    It is, if not impossible, extremely difficult to get that done. There are a lot of pros and cons to this topic, but the world has countries that are composed of many different cultures and identities. If the world were to unite into a single nation, it would eliminate national identity and there would be no point in living. The world being a single nation means that everyone is subject to the same rules and principles, and someone’s going to oppose it no matter what. As long as nations and different ideals exist, there is always going to be war or conflict. It might be assumed that there might be hope to humans coming to understand one another, but it is very likely that it won’t happen. Even if we merged, the world was made to be different. There are different countries for a reason. The world being a single country means that all its inhabitants would be like zombies, having no mind and subjecting to sameness under a single ruler, assuming that it wouldn’t be an oligarchy, which would make matters even worse.

  • Eliminating borders does nothing to eliminate ethic tension

    People are too different and those who are similar band together and civil war would break out. Terrorism happen because people think differently. In a world with no borders, those terrorism would be allowed to roam free. The borders might not to as effective as they could be, but they are there for a reason. Different people would want to be governed by different laws, different representives. The world would split into tribes and eventually collapse back into countries again

  • No, the world should not be one country

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  • Culture Religion People

    People will never get along. Cavemen were angry and said "You live on that side of the creek, I'll live here." But we must also think poorer nations. Rich westerners and Asians will never pay taxes to support Africa. Peoples cultures won't work in certain areas and religion will force wars. Jews would demand peace and Iran would fight against American Government. Global recession would be global. One economy would mean one falls we all fall. People made nations because they agreed on something they believed was right and others did not. You could please everyone and it would be a mess trying too. Take the European Union as a tiny example. No wonder the UK wants to leave.

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