• The world should be worried about Russia.

    The world should be worried about Russia. While the imagination can make any situation worse than it is, Russia has shown that it likes to use military force as well as deception. Russia has proven that it's world view is that of it's own power and that it is will to exercise force to fulfill it's wants.

  • We should always keep our eyes open

    I think that we should always be keeping an eye out for any powerful country who might not be in agreement with us. I think this is even more true with Russia, especially now. Trump has shown that he is willing to work with the Russians, who tampered with the election. I think we need to pay very close attention to make sure they aren't wooing Trump as a way to hurt our country in some way.

  • We definitely shouldn't take them for granted.

    Russia has been a wild card for the longest time. Granted the United States haven't done much to mend those ties in the past fifty years but we have gotten better in the last few years. Whether Russia is the one who is responsible for all these cyber attacks or not we should be working hard to build a good relationship with Russia. I guess since Donald Trump is bosom buddies with Vladimir Putin that shouldn't be a problem then.

  • Threat from Russia is overblown

    I think that Russia as a country has become the "boogeyman" for many people's fears. As a country they are at least as stable as the other major world players, especially America, and I think that people need to take a step back and not believe everything that they hear in the media.

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