• We don't need cash

    If we get rid of cash it would be so much easier to pay for everything. You would no longer need to worry about losing your cash because everything would be on your phone. It would also make the world a much safer place. Not only would this stop bank robberies but it would also stop crimes in the black market. And most importantly printing cash and making coins not only is costly but harms the environment.

  • Having cashless society

    If we r not using cash,we need to do it online which is secure and transparent and atleast to some extent i think we can reduce corruption.If we carry cash we may loose some where or someone might steal it if it is a card if they steal card also we can atleast block the card with in a timespan and save our money

  • I think we can go cashless without a chip in our body. I like cash, but there are benefits to cashless too.

    For the most part many of us already are cashless. We use our debit and credit cards, we utilize Apple Pay and Google pay for transactions and we can store our credit/debit cards on our phone for ease of use. One can still hold wealth physically in the form of precious metals and other value holding assets. The dollars in your pocket are just paper symbols of perceived value. They simply represent utility. Numbers on your bank account do the same thing. It's already easy to transfer money from person to person via various apps. As for government snooping... Of course I hate that idea as much as anyone else, but private companies work hard to ensure your privacy from other people as well as the government. It costs over $200 billion a year just to handle cash. (Transporting it, storing it, handling it, etc.) If banks started charging people for the cost of using cash it would currently be to the tune of about $170 per year. If this happens people will more and more willingly move toward more cashless transactions. (80% of all transactions in the US are already cashless). Undoubtedly, there are cons and pros to the move toward cashless society, but ultimately the world will willingly go cashless because of the convenience to the individual. It won't happen anytime soon, as all great changes take quite some time, but that outcome is essentially inevitable.

  • Next to ideal - Cashless

    I am just going put them in point forms:
    1.NO STEALING IS EVER POSSIBLE. We need to integrate a new cashless system. The chip that used to be in the VISA/MASTER cards will be insert in the body. The chip also included personal identification such as - picture of the holder. Every transaction will be secured. NO STEALING is ever possible if the system decided properly.
    2.CANNOT AVOID TAX. Every business transaction will be retractable. Everything will be transparent.
    3.FASTER LINE UP. I believe when all transaction is just a "beep", it saves a lot of long lining up waiting time.
    4.NO FAKE CASH. I still receive fake coins or coins from other countries that looks very similar with less values. No more trouble like that.
    5.EASY MANAGEMENT-VERY CONTROLLABLE. I kind of not agree with other people said that is hard to control how much you spend. It's all about how you manage it. Integrate a daily/weekly/monthly limit function that can easily control the money you can spend.

  • The World Moves at the Speed of Commerce

    It is very hard to get away from electronic transactions. A cashless society is the final step in moving towards a completely paperless society since taxes can be filed electronically, court documents can be filed electronically and just about everything in our world depends upon computers. A cashless society is just a matter of time, not a matter of impossibility.

  • A cashless society is a massive final step to absolute totalitarianism and tyranny.

    In a cashless society, You have absolutely no control over your money, Your bank accounts! Any purchases are scrutinized by the authorities, Completely destroying what is left of your privacy, And if they do not like your politics or you disagree with their policies they can shut your life down completely! Only the global elite will have control over your bank accounts, You money and your very lives!

  • These bank Nazis are trying to take your rights and privacy away.

    You need a 'Supporting Argument'? Really?? You can't tell that just by looking around you?

    To those who say there would be 'no stealing' just how stupid are you?

    Imagine your congressperson voting on a bill saying, "All those in favor of banks charging an extra fee for 'BLANK' say 'I'.

    (Of course it would pass)

    And just what would you do about it?

    You don't consider THAT stealing?

    You'd be left with no way to fight anything.

  • Nah, it won't work

    Cash has been and still is the most effective way to transfer funds or goods without the need to verify your identity. Considering now that there's barely any privacy because the government keeps tab on people the cash would still remain the king of the hill. Also, cash is accepted everywhere any anywhere, unlike credit cards or bitcoins they have no liabilities, they are there to last.

  • 100% cashless society is too much

    Some cash should be allowed; this race to 100% cashless society feels forced upon us and not well thought out. Sensitive health information and behavior can be monitored and controlled; same with purchasing behavior. Tips become standardized percentages. Maybe in Sweden they also respect privacy and don't snoop in consumers information but in other countries, big brother governments could target any person.

  • Banks and governments are corrupt

    It enslaves you to their system. I say what I do with my money! This is the same as a micro chip, 666, the devil. I will never be enslaved, another reason they want our guns, the more they take the more control they have on us. Say NO to the new world order!

  • Privacy laws-A thing of the Past

    I read the opening argument in support of a Cashless society with the reasoning for support being the hard work done by others to ensure our Privacy, and I am assuming the writer meant a corporate entity. Well just to let the support camp know as of 4/2/2017 the current US president just signed a new executive order abolishing any and all privacy rules in place on the internet. How long before these same executive orders are being removed from your Banking Transactions, Medical Transactions and so forth.
    It is with deep concern to me and I implore others to be just as concerned, and I am no bible thumper, but these sort of actions reminds me of the Revelations chapter in which we are all given the mark of the Beast and without it, well you do the math.

  • Cashless great for government and financial institutions

    In a cashless society government and banks could destroy us. Government teamed with the banks could turn us off with the push of a button. Banks could do whatever they want with interest rates service charges etc. Suppose banks want to start charging you for keeping for handling your account? If there is no cash what are you going to do...You can't take your money out of the bank. It also means everything we do can be tracked. Frankly I kinda like wandering around out here with no cell phone and paying cash for everything. They have no idea who or where I am.

  • Definitely no to a cashless society

    If we have a chip inserted we will no longer have freedom in our society. The Governments would have the power to do anything they wanted (like making all our food 100% GMO etc etc) and if we protested they would just turn our chip off. You loose all your money. Without your chip you wouldn't even be able to buy food, get a job, participate in society. This would turn into a dictatorship society! No more freedom as we know it.

  • Are you serious?

    No, way too intrusive. No one has a right to force anyone to put something in their body. Cash should always be an option. If we live in a free country, we should always be free to not have a device inserted into our bodies. It's common sense, what the hell are they teaching in the schools these days?

  • No. Do I have to explain why it is completely wrong?

    I mean say what you will, but do the research people, the us going cashless would be the demise of the us government. The dollar is based on faith. Haha it is so funny that a country of people that either don't want to have faith in god or are afraid to admit it put so much faith in the government, that they use money that is purely base on faith in the government. So I think cashless has got to be the dumbest thing that I have ever heard of. I mean it is not going to work, hello cryptocurrency! And that's what will happen, oh yes, as the Chinese currency then takes over as the world currency. Need I say more?

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