Should the world focus on exploring our oceans more than outer space?

  • Let's find A Whole New World Lying Beneath Us

    First of all, we got some amazing things down there in the ocean, mountain range, Mid-Atlantic ridge and many more, every time when someone goes down there, we found new species that are wondrous, 150 species of fish are discovered each year and we almost doesn’t know anything about it yet. The ocean also has a lot of benefits for humans; these benefits are health and climate related. We are facing some problems such as clean water scarcity, so we need invest money into resources that will help us avoid water scaring instead of risking human suffering compared than traveling to the stars. The ocean provides 20% of the world’s protein supply, 3 million people rely on the ocean for their live hood, and the ocean also provides 705 of the earth’s oxygen. Sure, there are also a lot of benefits for space exploration, but that’s outer space, we should really study more about our own planet first then explore the outer space.

  • Why the hell would we explore Mars when we haven't even seen all of Earth?

    First off, there are thousands of undiscovered creatures living deep in the ocean... Who knows what we will find?! At least we know there is life down there. Second, whoever said something about living on Mars in a billion plus years is efffing high. Even if that is true, it's a billion years away, so why worry about exploring Mars now? I'm just so curious as to what lives beneath us in the trenches of the ocean. The creatures must be incredible!

  • The ocean's have a big impact on lang

    The ocean covers over 70% of earth, and we only know around about 5% of this, through other research I have found that it will take over 200 years (and thats being generous) to truly discover the mass of the ocean, why im stating this is because we cannot just transport people to Mars or any other extra terrestrial object, due to other factors like terraforming for example, it's best to understand ourselves before we try and understand others.

  • It's here and less dangerous

    The risks of space exploration are much greater than the oceans. Getting materials back from the ocean vs. Space is so much easier and requires a lot less money. The cost of space exploration almost makes it seem not worth the effort. Where as the ocean is much cheaper and in my opinion more effective.

  • Of course YES!

    Many people do not know about our oceans, however more discoveries are being discovered in our solar system rather than our own oceans ,where we can reach much more easier than spending more money to go into space. The ocean is our resource on earth ,and it is time to explore more then our own meanings. If the ocean was more explored we could have already discovered a new world by now, that is if their is another life changing event that may occur. Like example the creatures washed up ashore right after the tsunami of japan. Or the creatures from the depths we have not yet been able to adventure above all beings. Another detail is the mermaids found on shore and alive to swim off to safety and the discovery of the creatures hand wipe across the window of a submarine in 300 feet below the surface of Greenland. This evidence is overwhelming the society full of different questions. It is now time to publicize the main purposes of our oceans. The ocean holds full of creatures and even historic places example like the pyramids or the other caves sunk from the ice age. How would no one be interested to find what is below. Right now we are only using the ocean for granted full of deadly chemicals and dangerous toxins.

  • Space is a vacuum

    Space is a vacuum -- for money that is. Space is a distant, hostile, and barren place, yet we still waste time and resources willing it to be worth our wild. When you face facts, however, the oceans are closer, more hospitable, and provides more breakthroughs in the medical field, in technology, and about Earth's geological history.

  • What about our health?

    The ocean provides a mass amount of new specimen and organisms, some have already been proven to help treat diseases such as HIV, cancer, and vision loss. Why travel to other barren planets when we can possible find curse for the worst kinds of diseases, those that are killing people, on our own planet.

  • It is like taking the bus rather than the train....

    Studying the oceans are not as exotic as space, but the benefits per dollar far outweigh what we may obtain by further space exploration. As far a food, energy, transportation, and heck, yes, even water, the oceans are so resource-rich that we need to understand them to both protect those resources, and to properly take advantage of them. Once we solve the pressing problems here on Earth, we can then properly focus our attention to space.

  • What lies beneath us rather than above us

    How can we explore outer space when we do not know everything about interspace? It makes no sense to explore out of this world when we haven't properly observed and recorded everything that Earth has to offer? 150 new species of fish are discovered every year. I do not care about space!

  • Of course the ocean is more important.

    There are new discoveries being made in the ocean every year. There are species being discovered that are helping cures diseases. We've started finding ways to combat blindness, regenerate the central nervous system and even combat certain types of cancer.

    In space, we cannot bring back minerals from asteroids or planets, we can't develop a sustainable colony and the closest star is currently going to be reached by Voyager 1 in 30 000 years.

  • Think of the long term.

    In 1 billion years, the luminosity of the sun will have grown to the point as to make it hard to live on Earth. In 5 billion years, in its red giant stage, the Earth will probably (emphasis on probably, some speculate that the Sun won't go that far) be engulfed when the red giant stage is entered.

    If humanity comes to peace with itself (no war, major conflict, etc.), this is entirely possible. There are candidates in our Solar System (like Europa, one of Jupiter's moons) for colonization.

  • Be an all-rounder, you'll see benefits on both sides

    Firstly its stupid to think we know more about space than our own oceans.
    We know "how much" of the oceans we have. We know the dangers it can pose. We know how it poses those dangers. We know what we are most likely to discover if we do go underwater (mostly new species of plants and fishes, or deep ridges and tall mountains, or possibly ruins of ships and ancient cities at the most).
    While 150 species of fish are discovered every year, there's not even a fraction of that progress made in space. We don't know "how much" of space we have exactly. We only know of the size and brightness of a couple of stars close to our solar system. While we know at least 5% of our oceans, we don't even know What % of space we know about.Its like this tiny dot, on a large sheet of paper. There are so many many things we have no clue how they work, or do they even exist. The best we know about space, is a guess on what laws celestial bodies follow. Actually, we haven't even set foot on even half the planets in our solar system. Then how can you say we know more about space than oceans ?

    Secondly, there have been more benefits received from space research than ocean research, especially with regard to medicine. Possibly you don't know that CT scans actually exist because of space research, as have so many other systems of analyzing the human body. Aren't you forgetting that telecommunication, something we rely heavily on, something that's actually making it possible for you to read my arguments arose due to space research?
    The benefits of exploring space is wide ranging. What you can find to apply on earth, the possibilities are infinite.

    Thirdly, (about the money spent), less than 1% of the WORLD'S income is used for space research. So its not like much money is "wasted" on space.

  • Space exploration is more important to humanity's long-term survival.

    Earth is a planet of dwindling resources. It is more important that we as a species learn how to understand and adapt to exploring space so that we can harness its resources and be more prepared for, in the far future, potentially having to leave Earth in order to ensure humanity's survival. Exploring outer space is therefore more important then exploring our oceans.

  • Hasn't anyone heard about the icecaps melting?!

    Due to GLOBAL WARMING, the icecaps are melting! If this continues, Earth will end up being the new red planet because it will just be a Bunch of lava! The sun is a star and like all stars it will run out of fuel. Even if it doesn't expand all the way to Earth, it will still "explode" destroying all of the inner planets which include Earth! If we don't find another planet like Earth, the future of the human race will be DESTROYED!

  • Space is interesting

    We don't know if there is other life in space, we know there is in the oceans. Stars are huge balls of burning gas, oceans are water. Not even drinkable water. Maybe we should spend our money funding current space projects and also making the oceans drinkable. There are lots of poor countries that could benefit.

  • Ocean minimal concern, space big concern.

    Now dont get me wrong, the ocean exploration is important, but not as important as space. I have read the arguments on here that the ocean is of more concern do to the gathering of knowledge and global warming and preserving animal life and so on. However I see that most fail to realize that space can be hazardous too. And the planet Earth, is in space, and vulnerable to many things such as asteroids, meteroids, comets, solar flares, a supernova from a large star, its affects can possibly reach earth, our depleating magnetosphere, ozone, and many more dangers. I do admit that I do not know as much about the ocean as I do about the universe but it seems basic, ocean being a minor problem on the scale compared to a universal problem. Like what is worse, your house being partly flooded or exploded? It would be easier to survive a flood than an explosion. But the ocean is still essential of course, just not priority one.

  • Space explorations importance

    O Ultimately, man must learn to live in space. At any time in the future, perhaps tomorrow, the Earth could become uninhabitable for man and every other organism on the planet. We think we have eons ahead of us, but there is also a theory that the conditions that make life possible may only exist in a tiny window of time. I cringe a little when I hear about 'space exploration'. Exploration is important, but the primary goal needs to be survival of life itself. We need to establish self-sufficient colonies in space as soon as possible. We are the first generation to possess the technology to make it possible. If we fail to do so, we may be condemning life on Earth to extinction.

  • Exploring space might have better rewards than exploring oceans

    Exploration of space, in this age, is certainly very important. There are efforts being made to develop spacecrafts that could mine asteroids and, in the more distant future, other planets. Space holds amazing resources for us to find, and it's exploration requires more of an effort than exploration on the Earth itself. The exploration of oceans, while important, does not take as much of preparation, planning, budget or attention as space exploration. So, while both oceans and space must be explored, exploration of space must be prioritized.

  • No I don't think so

    Because both are equally just as important. I mean who can argue that space isn't just as important? I mean they have discovered other earth like planets before, I am not talking about finding life either but just the ability to know what is out there and having evolved beyond that point is rather interesting. Ocean life is pertaining to mother nature though and she is of equal importance because people need to take care of our society more anyways, they need to care and the only way to do that is to do one's research and gain answers to have the knowledge to do something about it.

  • Why can't we do both?

    Exploring is a great road humans have always advanced. Why are we limiting one aspect for another? How about we pull from killing each other and put more money in to both types of exploration? The oceans have also been available for us much longer and our presence has become a nuisance. And yes the oceans are amazing and yea earth isn't fully explored, and studying earth and the oceans from space also helps us understand more about it. They just go hand in hand.

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THElittleRISK says2013-07-15T05:08:12.960
I take it "yes" is for oceans?
Masterdebater1996 says2013-07-15T05:10:50.863
Masterdebater1996 says2013-07-15T05:22:52.270
Yes, you would rather have the world exploring more of our oceans than outer space, or no the world shouldn't focus on our oceans that much and continue exploring space.
THElittleRISK says2013-07-15T05:23:55.997
Sorry, misread.