Should the world grant Native Americans United Nations membership status?

  • Native Americans should be recognized in the United Nations

    Native Americans have their own citizenship status within the United States. They should be their own soverign state as far as the United Nations is concerned. The Native Americans could contribute to the peace and the ideals that the United Nations purposes. The United Nations can assist the Native Americans in making connections to the world.

  • Yes, of course.

    It's about time that the Native Ameicans are listened to not just by the United States, but by the world too--particularly the European countries that colonized the Americas and committed all those acts of atrocities. If anyone deserves notice, it is the Native Americans and the time is right now.

  • They Would Need A Country First

    White settlers took Native Americans lands long ago. My understanding is that a state must exist to join the United Nations and the Native Americans do not have that. If they could meet all the criteria I would certainly support this move because they deserve a voice after all this time.

  • No, the world should not grant Native Americans United Nations membership status.

    I do not believe Native Americans should be able to be granted United Nations membership status since they do not govern their own country. Native Americans are citizens of the country they live in. That is not something that should allow them to distance themselves from any other groups of people.

  • They are a part of America.

    No, the world should not grant Native Americans membership in the United Nations, because they are a part of the United States, but they have been granted special status within the United Nations. To give the Native Americans membership, the United Nations would have to start giving status to every subculture in every country.

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