Should the world hold annual vigils for the Tiananmen Square victims?

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • Always remember, never forget

    At Tiananmen Square people asked their government, a government that claims to be for the people to simply treat its citizens as human beings. Hundreds and in some estimates thousands of people died that day for the opulence and wealth of an elite that pretends to derive legitimacy from a working class it suppresses.
    It should be remembered with the hope that one day the Chinese people will rise.

  • China internal affair

    How many people in the world who really know what was happened that year? There's no meaning that the opinion of few peoples becomes a world opinion towards something which is China internal affair.
    As always, young people are used in the revolution by politicians who wanted to just to get their political power.
    I have neighbor who was studying in Beijing, he got back to home during that period as he didn't understand what those students were fighthing for?

  • The world should not hold annual vigils for the Tiananmen Square victims.

    The Tiananmen Square protests happened a long time ago and there is no reason to keep talking about it. The Chinese themselves do not like to remember this even, and memorials of it would only anger the Beijing government. There have been protests like this in many countries, and we cannot possible have memorials for all of them.

  • Too Many Vigils

    If the world is supposed to hold an annual vigil for any victims of terrible events, there would be far too many vigils, as there have been an incredible number of people who have died in these terrible events. To select one event like this and hold it above the others is also wrong.

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