• People are to fussy

    People argue to much and if we only have one there well be no more arguing and no more war it will be a happy life but with more with one there is to much fussing around we only need one and one only in this day and age and that is it.

  • 1Religion= Less Descrimination

    Yes it can be if there is only one religion than the discrimination among the people Will get vanished although it may be among some of them but the main concern is about the crucial discrimination among blacks and white will decrease because of they will feel into 1 religion.

  • Only one is religion is right!

    Theoretically, of course there should be only one religion. Why not? If Christianity is RIGHT, then Islam is WRONG - and vice versa. Further, if Christianity is RIGHT, then concerning each precisely-worded proposition within Christianity, only one position is true. I'll give an example within Christianity. It is universally admitted that immersion is baptism. Nobody denies it. Why sprinkle or pour? Some believe it is permissible. Others deny it. Why contend over it? Practice that which is universally conceded. Do not risk the questionable. That'll solve half of the issues.

  • The world should only have one religion in order to restore peace.

    In order to maintain peace, the world should only have one religion because we're all in the creators view. It will also help in resolving religious crisis which will save our precious lives when peace and order is maintained. We would all be brothers and sisters. That is if the world is going to have just one religion...

  • We Cannot Expect The World to Have One Religion

    Thoughts of the world eventually having one religion is absurd. Various religions have been around for a very long time. The population has different views concerning their belief. To change to one religious world wide would not work. Once an individual has settled into a belief it is rare to change their thoughts on religious issues.

  • Everyone has the right to believe what they want!

    Sometimes religion helps to calm people and let them control what they want to believe. If someone is scared of death having religion lets them know that there is heaven ext.... Different religions believe in different things and different things suit different people, it doesn't matter which one is "correct".

  • I say No

    The world can’t be one religion. It’s not possible. No one can be happy with one religion. If there was one religion, there would soon be a rebellion. We need to express ourselves, and some people express themselves through their religion. It also shows difference in the world. No one wants to be the same as everyone else, uniqueness is important.

  • Which one religion is right?

    To say that the world should be under one religion would mean that someone would have to decide what religion is the right religion, and furthermore every person on the planet earth would need to agree with this decision if it works at all in the first place. Also, how would you create a new religion? Would you take all the religions that are already in existence, or would you completely start over and make something up?

  • Definitely not that's crazy!!!!

    This would go against the bill of rights and all of the people of the worlds morals and beliefs . The one and only god says to only worship him and his son. Some people say otherwise but there wrong ! It is crazy to think this it would not solve any world problems

  • Not without proof that the one religion is true.

    Logically speaking the world should only have one religion (if any) because only one religion (if any) can be completely true. However, the lack of proof and evidence of what religion (if any) among the ones believed today and even the ones not yet comprehended means that we do not know and cannot determine which religion (if any) is true. As such, at this point in time the world should not have one religion for one cannot implement and force any one religion on everyone in the world for there is no proof supporting that religion and the fact that it is the truth.

    The question is this: can the entire world accept one religion without having irrefutable proof that it is both the truth and fact? In short, no. This is because there will be many who would oppose this religion and pick it apart because of the lack of evidence. It is what is being done even now, because now all religions are merely theories that are entirely possible, but have neither been proven or disproven. Therefore one cannot state which (if any) is the truth and which (if any) the entire world should believe in.

  • What is religion?

    Honestly, i think religion is overrated. Its good to have a belief in god but why are you condemning someone for calling this god by a different name if he/she does the same thing and teaches us to live a virtuous and holy life?. There is a difference between religion and spirituality but unfortunately not much people see this.

  • Beliefs are different

    I do not think there should just be one solid religion in the world. Us as humans in the world have different beliefs and cultures, which would naturally equal different kind of religion. Not to mention, having different kinds of religion can also be very education for people who are interested.

  • Single Religion a Bad Idea

    In reality, there's no reason that the world should have only one religion. No single religion would satisfy the needs and beliefs of every person on the planet. Multiple religions allow the people of the world to believe in what they want to believe rather then being forced to believe one thing.

  • No really it should be none

    There are many ways to look at this. Most religions teach there is only one true religion so then it makes sense the world has only one religion. Hiowever if you dont beleive any of the religions are real then one religion is still one too many religions in the world.

  • There should be many religions

    There are so many different cultures and traditions in the world, that there can't be "one" religion for all. It's important to respect the beliefs of others. People should celebrate their beliefs in so many different ways and be able to pass on their religious traditions to their children. I believe that being aware of so many different religions can sometimes serve to strengthen one's core religion.

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