• Yes, we need to

    Fossil fuels are finite, and we seem to be running under the impression that we'll always be able to find some new pocket of them. What happens when we don't? Even if abandoning fossil fuels entirely isn't possible (which it likely isn't at this time) we need to put enough research into alternatives that they are more than just support, we can rely on them.

  • Yes they should

    Yes, the world does need to stop using fossil fuels, since they are not doing anything but bad to this earth, and they are slowly tearing our planet apart. I think that we need to find a lot more safe kinds of resources that we can use and can renew.

  • Yes we need to

    Fossil fuels at the moment are only harming our nation. How on earth do you expect us to be able to continue to live in a society that is literally sending itself right down the path of harming our oxygen and ecosystems. If you really expect to continue to use fossil fuels good luck breathing when we have killed all our trees and other liable sources of clean oxygen

  • We need to stop!

    When you burn fossil fuels, you are releasing carbon dioxide. To much carbon dioxide will kill us, and the animals that provide food for us. Plants need carbon dioxide, but to much of it will destroy plants. If we destroy the plants, where will we get oxygen to breath with. Besides humans and animals already release enough carbon dioxide when breathing out.

  • Yes we need to

    This is as it has a massive environmental effect on the planet as stated above. In addition if we keep using these fossil fuels they will eventually going to run out and it is meant to happen in our generation too. We need to study more on how we will be able to expand the efficiency of our renewable energy sources

  • I'm somewhere in the middle

    Environmental problems will only increase, there will come a breaking point where it might be too late. I'm not saying there should be an immediate jump to renewable energy, but rather a sustained and gradual transition, which would ensure that future generations are better off compared to the present one.

  • Environmental Issues that will change the world.

    I am only 14 but I'm terrified to unravel the prediction of the futures environmental issues. We need to stop using fossil fuels or one day we will pay the price. Do you really want to see cities on the coast of countries being flooded due to global warming? Do you really want to suffer and lose potential areas to grow crops for food? If we don't act now we will lose everything. WATCH INTERSTELLAR for examples. I really want to see the human race evolve. Not be destroyed. I hope that someone very important will read this. 80% of our energy is from fossils fuels (in 2011) the elected drop of percentage would only be about 6%. I want to have a clean life as I grow older, and I want to have children who can live in a world not worrying about the horrifying facts of life suffering on Earth. Please, understand what I'm saying. If the world just spent more money to create clean energy sources, there won't be as many side affects.

  • Fossil fuels are no longer the way to our future

    I believe that the powers that be are keeping technological knowledge out of the public eye because of the major changes that would have to occur in the country and ultimately the world if we switched to wind and battery power. I think that many businesses would have to change their focus or go out of business to keep up. Sure there would be changes but aren't changes necessary to improve and grow a better way of doing things.

  • We should stop.

    We obviously can't stop immediately because the world would be in massive trouble. Instead, scientists and governments should begin to work on ways to rely on renewable fuels so there is no threat that we could run out of fuel. People say we have 10 years left to get in control of global warming and then it'll get out of our control. So we should start now! Let's try and stop relying on something that'll run out.

  • Obviously we should

    Fossil fuels are non renewable, and give off a ton of pollution... We can't stop immediately but we should follow countries like Denmark in alternative energy's.
    The us was once at the forefront of technology.. We need to get it there again... The real problem is the oil companies timing the electricity companies..
    In Oklahoma you have to pay oil companies for using alternative energies... Sad

  • As you guys can see

    As you guys can see we need fossil fuels because its very useful and good. So damn daniel back at it again with the white vans as you guys can see. Club penguin is fun. Fossil fuels for life k as you guys can see fossile fules k? Dam daniel.

  • The Economical Effect

    To just stop with out any replacement would be silly and would crush our economy so unless we want to go back to the pioneer days of riding horses and animals i think we should keep them around until we find a satisfactory substitute. Wind, Water and even bio-thermal energy still lack the ability to produce the amount of energy that is needed. The argument that carbon dioxide is effecting our climate still needs more proof and is in a judgement based off of parts-per-million to be exact 100 parts per million rise since the 1800's do we understand how small that is so small im sure that we will be fine running with fossil fuels they are one of the greatest inventions we have everything we use everyday somehow benefited by fossil fuels if you would like progress you better like fossil fuels.

  • No, they can't stop using fossil fuels at the moment.

    Right now, there's no way to stop using fossil fuels. We would immediately be in trouble if we suddenly stopped using things like coal and gasoline. We have become far too reliant on them to suddenly stop. That being said, scientists should definitely be working on alternative sources of energy so that we can gradually taper off the use of fossil fuels, using them as little as possible, since they are a limited resource.

  • No the world should not stop using fossil fuels.

    No the world is not in a position to completely stop using fossil fuels, however the industrialized countries do increase their use of non-fossil fuels and energy obtained from non-fossil fuel sources. Greenhouse gas emissions pose a direct threat to the long-term health of the planet. Climate change is linked to the increased emissions of these gases.

  • The World Stop

    I personally think that Tht penny to drop eventually – fossil fuels like coal might be more valuable if they were used to make medicines, chemicals and fertilizers rather than wasted by being burned.while we know that fossil fuels are used to make all sorts of everyday objects such as plastics, carbon fiber, soap, aspirins, solvents and dyes, it has never occurred to most of us how we will make these things when the coal, gas and oil run out.

  • Ok Listen Man. . . . . . . We Need Gas. . . . . . . . Period. . . . . . . Period. . . . Peroid. . . .

    Guys have you ever considered the effects of repelling fossil fuels, I will be honest right now. . . . . Our whole economic system has been based on a blind elephant. . . . . That will demolish everything in its path, Until the path ends. . . . . . Did you guys forget that all human achievements, Were made by causing extinctions, Catastrophes, Prostitutes, Money. . . . Please don't forget, We cannot stop using fossil fuels. . . . . . Its immoral, Its evil, And cruel to stop making money off of dead organisms living millions of years back. . . . . . . . . I REPEAT DO NOT, DO NOT stop using fossil fuels. . . . . . . . . This is the only reason countries like Russia still exist. . . . . . We cannot let such a great, Great, Great again Country like Russia, Go poor. . . . . Poorer. . . . . Period. . . . . Thank you :)

  • Hippity Hoppity women are property

    We burn coal to produce energy, But (according to the Wikipedia) as little as one megajoule of energy releases 112 grams of co2 (carbon dioxide) and according to Joe Rovito, (as seen making sense of Paul Skema’s gibberish, ) 108 megajoules a day is normal. Now, I did some math, And that’s 12 kg of co2 a day! For one person! So… that translates to 88. 8 million for the world! A day! That’s a lot of co2! And we’re going to run out of oil by 2052, Because of that, We’re going to be forced to step up usage of gas to fill said gap, And that bumps us up to 2060, And all known coal reserves will be emptied by 2088. That’s not much. (As of 2018, That’s 70 years. ) Of course, We’ll find more, But not enough. Also, All that coal is going to release a lot of co2, Which will cause global warming. This change in climate can:
    Cause highly severe weather,
    Cause severe illness and/or death to humans and animals,
    Cause dirtier air, Leading to more illnesses and death,
    Cause acidic oceans, Leading to more illnesses and death,
    And cause higher sea levels by melting the ice caps.
    There’s no doubt about it. We need to stop.

  • Protect the enviorment

    Well many people say yes but you guys still want to be alive rite so lets change this instead of using fossil fuels or dead animals we should use something that doesent cause that many damage to our planet. So lets keep making the ecosytem great so future generations see our beutifuul planet earth.

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