Should the World Trade Organization accept China?

  • Yes, as long as they abide by the rules and can guarantee the safety of their products.

    China should be accepted into the World Trade Organization on the condition that they can guarantee that all of their products are safe. China has had a history of producing and exporting dangerous products to the US and elsewhere. The WTO should come up with a plan to monitor what they are producing and what products they are using. Once this happens, then they should be allowed to participate.

  • yes

    If they are going to play by the rules and do it the right way then they should. China can bring a lot to the table for everyone as long as they use the same rules that everyone else has to follow. The only problem that I see is that they need to improve working conditions there.

  • As Long as Currency Fixing is Done

    The Chinese should be a part of the World Trade Organization, but only after Beijing stops fixing its currency at a certain rate. Yuan should be subject to the free market just as much as the dollar, euro and yen. China is an economic power and should be in the WTO as long as China plays by everyone else's rules.

  • No.

    Many of these people are saying, as long as they follow the rules. But that is not what is the truth, they constantly manipulate their currency to keep it lower, and thus boost their economy. They violate human rights everyday by oppressing the numerous minorities within their country. If a country cannot act civilised towards its own people, then it should not be allowed to interact on a global scale.

    Posted by: Alz

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