Should the world unite under one nation? (Freedom)

Asked by: FreeGuy
  • It will be great!

    It will be great! Everyone will be free! Technology advanced! Foods, clothes, water, houses, technology stuffs,... Will be cheaper and more common in Africa, North Korea, Latin America, South Asia. War maybe end. Maybe we can expand in space!
    The world should unite because it will profit everyone.
    Sorry, this is my opinion. How about you.

  • As much as that sounds nice...

    I disagree with this more on cultural grounds. Ethically, do we have the right to impose our will on other countries? Is such a goal worth plunging the world into WWIII? As well, what is freedom?

    Globalism has its pluses, but it begs far too many further questions, most to do with how practical it would be. Who will be the flag bearer? Given the penchant for other world powers for communism, religious leadership, differing values, etc., is this even possible? If it is possible, how desirable is it, when you look at what you would have to do to get there? What version of freedom do we mean?

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