• Yes, we should.

    The world's populace should seek out a universal language. We are almost there with English now. When I visited Thailand and Laos, I was shocked with how many people spoke it. When I was in Argentina and Brazil, everyone knew a little and 1 out of 5 spoke it. This is good.

  • Yes, I believe that would bring the world closer together.

    If everyone in the world spoke one language, we would at least all understand what each other are saying. I feel like that would bring us one step closer to equality. There would be no arguing over a superior language at least. I personally identify better with people that at least speak the same language as me.

  • I Think We Should

    I believe the worlds populace should seek out a universal language. I think with globalization it would be more beneficial to let this idea grow naturally rather than insist governments force it upon people. I think humans should come together on the Internet and learn one language, so we can all directly address each other. It may take a few generations to fully implement the idea.

  • Diversity should be embraced.

    All languages should have the right to be. Assimilation is wrong. In fact, It's a form of suppression. We should all embrace our multilingual earth. That's why we have dictionaries, Phrasebooks, And interpreters. And it seems a large part of the internet agrees. Otherwise we wouldn't have Omniglot, Wiktionary, Etc.

  • Technology will fill this need.

    I don't think the world's populace is really in need of a universal language. Look at Esperanto, for one thing. That was its goal, and while there are a few million people who speak it, you can hardly call it mainstream. I think the future will actually be more like Star Trek-style universal translators to help us understand one another.

  • The world's populace should not seek out a universal language

    It is my opinion that world's populace should not seek out a universal language. I feel that the variance of language creates a more rich environment to live in overall. Learning a new language can be beneficial, but stripping away all differences of language would be detrimental to the culture of that society.

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