Should the younger generation of America stand up and fix the problems that the current and previous generations have put us in?

Asked by: Sean_Norbury
  • It's easy to cast blame...

    But it's much harder to put out a fire that someone else started. Are you going to worry about who the arsonist is, or get control of the situation first? No, it might not be fair to have to carry someone else's burden, especially a burden derived from years of mistakes and ignorance. But if we are to survive, the simple answer is we must.

  • Yes, they should.

    They may have gotten us into this mess, but they are not the ones capable of getting us out of this mess. We are. I am tired of hearing, "I feel bad for your generation". Do not feel bad. We are going to solve the problems that you old timers are too corrupted to do. Sciedanet.Org will succeed.

  • They have to

    Even though people should be responsible for the problems they cause, the older generations might be retired and unable to do anything, they might die before they finish fixing the problems, or they might be dead already. The younger generations might be the only people capable of fixing the problems.

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