Should the younger generations be more responsible for current problems in the world?

  • The younger generations can now learn anything at anytime.

    We live in a day and age where, thanks to the internet, people can learn almost anything at anytime. The internet, in the present, is mostly used as a learning tool as well as a source of entertainment and global communication. The fact that people can now communicate so easily helps to make people more aware of problems worldwide including: pollution, famine, disease, destruction of natural resources, etc. Based on these facts, I believe that the younger generations should have, at least, a little more of a part in these issues.

  • Although younger generations should take a larger role in solving world problems, they should not be "more responsible" for these problems.

    It's not their fault that these problems exist in the first place. And since the generations that caused them are still around--for the most part--they should be mostly responsible for solving these problems. I will not deny that younger generations will be more able to fix it, since they'll be around longer to do so. I just think that the older generations--while they're still around--should be the ones resolving the world's problems.

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