Should the youth be given a voice in policy change and societal standards

Asked by: sailorBoy
  • We're Undervalued and Underestimated

    As a teen in America, It's evident to see that opinion doesn't matter and that my voice goes unheard. Whether it's restricted by law or not heard from lack of organizations for such teens with voices, We're underestimated. There isn't a family gathering I attend where I'm not told that I'm too young to understand or even have a valid opinion on anything. Give the future leaders a voice because it will be our world that's being shaped right now and it's our world that the adults are shaping in favor of themselves, Thinking nothing of the next generation.

  • Our voices are just important as everyone elses'

    Our age shouldn't define our level of maturity, Let alone our intellectual abilities. At the end of the day we are all just humans and we all share the same human rights. Youth have always lived their own lives by other peoples rules and its about time they have a say in what happens in their OWN lives. If controlling someone is considered wrong, Then why deprive the youth of their say in what occurs in their lives?

  • We can be mature and responsible.

    Lots of teens have made amazing changes. A girl wanted to change something so she applied to get on the board and got in, She was obviously the youngest there since I believe she was either in or just out of high school. She mad a positive change. Not every young person watches Logan Paul or Kylie Jenner content and even if they do I have noticed they tend to just make fun of them really. Give them responsibility and power and they will make a good choice, They just need the chance. Besides, I know plenty of people who are very young yet they make better choices than some adults. We need a voice at the very least.

  • Young People Must Be Heard

    People older than the youth can sometimes make decisions that do not benefit the younger generations. They expect us to clean up their mess. A few examples being climate change and so forth. Children; who are passionate, Should be given the opportunity to voice their own opinions. If a 50-year-old person says the minimum wage for a person under 18 should be less than that of an adult, That's unfair and unequal. The youth should be able to have the ability to make change.

  • Youth should have a voice

    I think youth should get a voice in a case on something that happens to them because nobody knows what happen more than they do and i think they should have there thought on the caseabout what should happen to the criminal like if they should be thrown in prision or not i think its fair

  • Teens are people

    Teens are the future of the nation and if we have no say in our future now, How will you expect us to in the future. We are taught to not procrastinate but the world and nation is forcing us to procrastinate with the important stuff. Most teens know more about this stuff then adults do anyway.

  • The youth are as much part of our society as the rest of us.

    In the same way that people argue that youth shouldn't be given a voice in policy change and societal standards, One would argue that the elderly shouldn't be given a voice in policy change and societal standards, In that they aren't capable of understanding the impacts of their choices.
    However, Since the elderly are allowed to be given a voice in these issues, I feel like youth should too if they so desire it. They are as much members of our society as the elderly are, And in my opinion, Often more so, Because it is their responsibility to go to school and earn an education. Working hard to earn that education is just as much a job as pushing pencils behind a federal desk or working on an oil rig, Because these jobs all further our society in the long run.
    More importantly, Many of the current policy changes effecting our society as of late involve them. One of the biggest ones is whether or not creationism should be taught in schools, And as one could plainly see, Youth are the ones pushing back the most against the idea of being taught a blatant lie in a place where facts are supposed to be most important.
    To me, It is more than evident that they should at least have a voice, A platform even, Especially if the policies and standards involve them and their well being.

  • I think so

    Students should be able to voice their opinions in policy change and societal standards. The changes that happen now affects the youths future. The future belongs to the youth so they should be able to decide what happens. The future would eventually be in our hands, So our voices matter.

  • Teenagers should have an opinion

    I believe that the youth should have a say even though adults think we are immature but the truth is that when it comes to serious problems we take it seriously we are the future and thanks to the older generations they are leaving us with nothing thanks to their decisions and we the youth have to worry about it by the time we make it to our adult hood. If you look around us the youth has been doing more than adults to try and change the world and to bring awareness we will keep pushing until we can change for the better even if we don't have a voice we have made a bigger change on our own.

  • My opinion /expression

    Because all opinions matter! And its a free country, We should have words of expression and if these adults just sit back and listen to the teenagers and children, We really have good questions and answers, But they expect us to listen to them, Words of expression should be expressed in any soul

  • Their too immature.

    They lack the understanding it takes for such actions as problems are much more complex than they understand. They are like A. O. C, (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) who has big ideas yet no clue on the effect that those ideas would have on the rest of the country.

    This country was founded on various ideas like "No taxation without representation. " but just the opposite should be true also. No representation without taxation. Seeing that under age children are not responsible or required to pay federal taxes, They should not be allowed a voice at the table.

  • Too easy too influence

    As a teen myself, I believe that I am influenced, By my parents and my peers. The results would be dependent on who could influence the most kids. It is wrong to give, Not fully matured people the power to vote. With great power comes great responsibility. Kids aren't responsible enough to make the right decision.

  • No too gullible

    Look at Logan Paul and Kylie Jenner most of their fan base are children and young teens. They are swindled into buying cheap merchandise at a young age and are easy to convince.
    Then they do not want to listen to "boring" people and most do not care about school. In their school elections they vote for the most influential not the best. That being said unfortunately many have not mature like the baby boomers.

  • What is the likely outcome?

    There are two major issues here:
    1: The vast majority of the youth are by far a lot easier to influence and haven't the time to form their own opinions. As a result they will likely just agree with whatever their preferred authority figure says, Whether its a teacher, An older sibling or a parent.

    2: Its also a safe bet that most don't understand the gravity of the choice they are making (albeit most adults don't either) and as a result may not put in the amount of work needed to go from an active voter to an intelligent voter.

  • Kid's Don't Kow what they are talking about

    Kids do not know what they are talking about, And they jump to conclusions. Kids do not know what they are talking about, And they jump to conclusions. Kids do not know what they are talking about, And they jump to conclusions. Kids do not know what they are talking about, And they jump to conclusions.

  • Hell nahhh bro

    As a teenager, I can tell you that my generation is too immature and uneducated. Most teens will follow their parents on political matters, Or only gather info from news, Which can be heavily biased. We are too immature and uneducated, Evident by how many young people support communism and socialism. Not to mention that if we expose these things to kids too early it could lead to more stress and depression

  • Since there is no "undecided" option, I will give my thoughts out over here

    Youngster over here, As a youngster I am intellectually curious as heck and being mentally disabled makes this more interesting

    With that being said, Let's cut to the chase

    I care for youth rights and autonomy, The problem is children more than ever are over protected and over sheltered and now with children growing up in broken households and with too much technological and gadgety consumption. Also, The rise of big government has killed youth autonomy over the last 4 decades give or take. If you want to give youth more rights and autonomy, You need to train them first, Then teach the dangers of the world.

    Yes youth should have a voice in society, So as long they're not bandwagoning or doing it out of peer pressure.

  • I don't Think so. . .

    I am a teenager myself and a sophomore, And being both of these things I can tell you that a lot of the teens in my age group wouldn't be able to handle the task of listening and voicing valid opinions, Seeing as most of them joke about communism and socialism.

  • Already too many inexperienced voices.

    Youth, By definition, Are inexperienced in the real world issues. Someone who has never paid bills, Held a job, Or contributed to society in any significant way should have no say in the shaping of policy or societal standards. There are already too many adults who know nothing about real world problems but feel their voices need to be heard.

  • Immature & The World Will Become Even A Worser Place.

    Were immature, Most of the teens these days lack the understanding it takes for such actions as problems are much more complex than they understand. It will cause a tremendous mess to the world, Just imagine how it will become. The age matters sets boundaries! . . WERE YOUNG STILL LEARNING> LOOK AT THE LAWS JUST EVERYTHING+

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