• Yes it should

    Schools have become politically correct to the point of damaging students. Every person has a right to make a choice for themselves about religion and what they believe. But if students have no education or understanding about religion then how can they make that choice.

    The current system is biased towards atheism, if kids are taught nothing they are far more likely to believe nothing. Good education is about exposing children to many points of view so they can make informed decisions, not pretending something does not exists.

  • Theology should be requred subject

    There are many reasons theloogy should be a required subject in schools. One reason theology should be a required subject is it gives facts and details about one topic. Another reason tecology should be recuired in schools is because the internet makes you learn things. .Clearly tecology should be requied.

  • We need to examine ourselves.

    Yes, theology should be a required subject, because it is important that we all examine where we came from and who we are. All students should spend some time contemplating the creator of the universe. It will help the students come up with a mission statement for their life and a purpose for living.

  • It Should Be In The US

    I believe theology should be a required subject within schools in the United States, preferably in the High School years. I found my World Religions class my first year of college very enlightening. It also answered many of the questions I had about Islam. Since the US wants to claim and uphold religious freedom and tolerance, I think we should all be educated about the major religions.

  • Schools should not just reinforce popular opinion

    Some responses on the Yes side of this issue seem to have confused Theology with Comparative Religions, an excellent subject that most if not all students should participate in.

    Theology is not an exercise in critical thinking. It is not about appealing to the common denominators of human experience, or about examining the principles of metaphysics or even the philosophical arguments surrounding our origins (abiogenesis) or our morality (ethics). All of these are good subjects. What Theology is is an ad hoc rationalization justifying the most common mass delusion of a society. It is about pretending that any criticisms of the cultural fantasy its adherents participate in. In America, instituting a Theology class in a public school would be clearly in violation of the Establishment clause of the First Amendment. In places like Divinity school, or as a class offered by a religious organization, there could be no issue, as they are free to offer whatever they want. But in a public system, such a class could only be seen as discriminatory.

  • No, religion should not be forced on students.

    No, the study of theology should not be a required topic because students have various beliefs. There is not one exact science or course that could be taught that would represent the religious beliefs of all students. Instead, diversity should be a required subject and students should be taught about different beliefs and cultures in order to better understand and respect them.

  • No, I don't believe it should be required.

    Unless the school that a person is attending is a private religious institution I don't believe that a theology course should be required. It would be very difficult to decide what religion to teach and one single course couldn't even begin to uncover all the different theologies that exist today. I believe it would be a waste of time especially with all that schools are already required to teach.

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