Should there be 3-4 days of school a week and a 3-4-day weekend?

  • Overworked easily, man.

    Alright, I'm in 5th grade right now and it's true, it's way too easy to get overworked with an unbalanced school week. You get no time at all to do stuff with family and other things you want to do. And a 2-day weekend goes by way faster than you'd think.

  • Because most kids are tired by thursday so we can have more rest so we ready for monday.

    So many kids are getting angry and are ready for the week to end so many of the parents are getting angry so make the kids happy and make the parents less angry so im a 6th grader please help humanati
    and make life a better place ps everyone is saying there not happy make them happy

  • More time to rest

    It is a pain to go to school for five days and only get 2 days of relaxation, students like myself need more time to rest and to spend more time with friends, family, and relatives... For me, the first day of the weekend for me is just doing homework so i agree that we need a longer weekend.

  • More recovering from a long, hard week

    Summer is too long. Most people spend their days bored. Shortening summer would allow schools to have a three day weekend. Students that get stressed would have much more time to do their work, and people get to spend more time with their families and having fun. Too many students who strive to do their best spend way too much time working rather than relaxing and recharging.

  • Yes we should

    I totally agree we should because everyone loves a long weekend right? So imagine having a 3 day weekend. πŸ’– We need to spend more time with people we love. Example:family and friends πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ–€πŸ’œβ™₯οΈβ€οΈπŸ˜œπŸ’§. Everyone deserves to have a long break. Well who votes yes? I know I do πŸ’š

  • Kids have weekend activities

    Some kids have weekend activities that take up their whole weeked like myself and it gives them no time to do the homework that they need to do. Also having the long weekend will help them get ready for the week that comes. Also kids need time to relax and they need time with themselfs and with there familys and they cant when they spend 1/4th of their life in school.

  • This is being implemented in many schools already

    Well..Sort of. This doesn't mean even adjusting times, it means longer school years. More WEEKS in school, sure. But it's less stress on each week. I feel like this would be better suited for high schoolers, as I'm a junior myself. I see this as a great idea; I'm already all for the all year schooling. Just another step in the right direction!

  • We should, yes

    We want to relax because five days is to much i hope you guys change it.... It can save so much money and give us time to hang out with friends and family. Everyone saying no is wrong. Hope you understand about this. Teachers want to relax more too. Bye

  • The weekend should be longer

    We need more time to relax as a 6th grader there is too much homework and studying and sports there is never enough time to do the things i want. I really like to sleep but there is just never enough time and ill get more sleep if there is a 3-4 day weekend

  • I'm a 7th grader, id know

    I don't think we should only have four days for school. Kids need to learn so that they get a good job for the future and raise a family. A lot of kids hate school, but some kids like it. Theirs already enough kids that are failing school, so why take another way off from there learning when they should be studying to make a life out of it.

  • Yeah, NO THANK YOU!!!!

    Yeah no I can't even stand to stay here 5 days a week but really? That not enough time to learn everything and do sports and homework without exploding from exhaustion. So Yeah. I need 15 more words so yeah hi hi hi hi hi hi hi h i hi

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  • Too many schedule changes

    There would be such a needed schedule change for this to happen. Children are used to getting home around 3-4:00, whereas they would need to get home at around 5-6:00 now. If they were to have lunch at the same time, they would get hungry later in the day. I have prior knowledge of this because I'm a 7th grader, and I usually need to have a snack before I do anything else when I get home.
    Another issue is after school activities. Children who participate in after school activities would end up getting home way too late. If the schedule change happened, they would make it home at 7-8:00! That is way too late! They will have absolutely no time to work on homework, and they'll be starving!
    Finally, family time. If they follow this idea and have a later school day, there will be less family time. You could argue that they have Friday, but that's the worst argument I've ever heard of. If they had Friday off, they would stay home, but where would they go? Most parents work on Fridays. They would need to be babysat, and most kids hate being babysat. Of course you wouldn't need a babysitter if you're in middle or high-school, but then you're alone for about 8 hours. Why would people consider having a shorter school week a good idea?

  • Absolutely not. As a 7th grader with many disabilities and dysfunctions, the regular time schedule wears me out.

    I am a 7th grader with autonomic dysfunctions, paradoxical vocal fold dysfunction, and asthma. A 4 day school week would mean getting up at around 3;30 am to do my morning routine and walking the 2.5 miles to school because the public bus does not change their schedule for school. Ending later would prevent kids from doing extracurricular activities because it would be dark out around wintertime. Kids would get home around 5;00 and not have a lot of time for play. Also, studies have proven that a brain does not work well when it is hungry, and most likely by 4;00 pm people will be hungry.

  • Kids and Teens spare time.

    We have plenty of time for our two day weekend. It would give kids and teens less time to go outside and do homework if we shortened the school week. Kids and teens would become stressed with no time to do anything during the week but focus on homework. Teachers would have to give more homework. It would take up time for the athletes. Hanging out at home is fun AFTER school when your done with your homework. If the school week was shortened than you won't have time to do the fun things you do when you get home.

  • What about after school activities

    I don't think that we should do this because lots of kids have after school sports and they might even have other sports not involving school. Kids may be just to busy for this extra two hours. Also lots of kids need to get home because there parents work late and they need to take care of pets, siblings, etc. It is not the schools business of what they do after school!

  • No, we shouldn't

    We have all summer to get our free time. Sports would interfere with it because right after school around 4 people have sports so nobody would have time for after school activities. I believe we should stick to are regular schedule and not change it, because I love my sports and I don't want school to interfere with it

  • What is our Purpose?

    We, as the next generation have a responsibility to future generations.
    We have a weekend only because schools recognize that students need time off and many have something to do on these days that involve religion, due to the separation of church and state we are given this time. We do not and should not need to waste time in pleasure and idleness.

  • I'm a 6th grader, I'd know.

    America is trying to get better ejection, shortening the school week would be the opposite of that. Most people want the school week to be shorter to have more screen time. Even with our short weekend now... People still use it all on screen time. So I, as a 6th grader, say no.

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