• Nog Nig Nog

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  • School is starting to become too much

    I am a current student athlete and am starting to realize that school can actually be pretty difficult. I have sports practice right after school, I am staying up until 10:30 doing homework most nights and not falling asleep until around 11:30. I take the bus in the morning, So I wake up at 5:30. I had a test in Geometry just recently and ended up failing it because I fell asleep during it. I believe we need 3 day weekends because it would give us students more time to rest and get ready for the week.

  • Nig nog nig

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  • School is Gay

    Teachers are gay and ben shapiro says gay people are dumb and he his always right ben shapiro is the greatest jew ever and jews are gay teachers are bad because they are gay since they want money but they are unsuccessful thats why they are gay teachers and nothing more

  • You just gotta

    You just gotta have it- and maybe students will have more time to get well rested and not be stressed out all the time because of so much school, And maybe less people will be stressed out or something-
    *insert entire essay about 3-day weekends here an why we should have em*

  • Bro bro bro

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  • More time is needed for students in the weekends.

    Okay so kids work way to hard throughout the week to only have two days to themselves, Some students take college courses so they have no weekends to themselves. SO three day weekend can help kids have another day to just be able to get there stuff together. Also, It helps with stress levels.

  • Hell yes there should be

    When ever I think of a Monday I cringe and when ever I have a Monday of the week turn out to be the best week I also learn a lot more than I use to. It would also help out teachers to create a better week to learn for the kids

  • It should be.

    Im really out here getting anxious on sunday because im stressed that there is school tommorow. Also, Ive noticed when i have mondays off, The week seems to be alot shorter and the weeks fly by and are alot less stressful. Thats all i really have to say word limit.

  • Is it Friday yet?

    THIS IS IT CHIEF. With a 5 day school week, The main objective is to “get through the week” “can it be Friday already? ” “It’s only Tuesday? ”. I hear this all day, Everyday. If the weekend is 3 days and a school day is 4, Students can rest better, Have more time to themselves, And refresh their minds. School would be more about learning and making the best of the day and having good grades then just wanting it to be Friday. -A fellow student

  • Not going to school is gay

    My mom always says people who don't go to school are gay and I don't want her to find out i am gay so we should keep school the way it is. Now because i need 13 more words i am going to write my memoirs. My earliest memory is

  • No no no

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  • There Shouldn't Be Three Day Weekends

    Weekends should not be three days and weekdays should not be four days because that means school would be longer in some type of way. If we have only four days of school in a week that means that we are missing seven hours of school each week. (not including recess) This means that you are missing 210 hours of school per school year. You would have to redo a grade if you missed that much. Now you might say the school district might shorten a few breaks so that we wouldn’t have to redo a grade, but that means wouldn’t have fall or spring break, and would only have winter break for a week. But, that means if you like to travel, you would only be able to go somewhere for three days and then go right back to school, or you would travel for a week on winter break when the airport is crazy busy. But if they don’t shorten the breaks, then they will have to make school longer. And when it’s the end of the day we feel like school has gone on for so long and are so happy to get our but we would at least have to add an hour to school, and I bet you none of it will go to recess, lunch, or specials. Then after school we would have to go to all our activities which would take forever, and then we would have to do homework. There would be no free time or time to play Fortnite during the week.

  • No no no

    Because then we wont have enough days to learn and then we will not be able to be what we want to be when we grow up because we wont understand anything are partners are saying and then we will end up getting fired and then we wont have a lot of money for ourselves and/or our family

  • No we shouldnt

    We would have to work longer as kids and parents would ahve to work for longer hours to recieve the same income and if it suddenely happened the whole economy would most likely collapse.Also most kids will have less time at home due to the more extended learning time .

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