• They aren't possible now, but could (and should) come sometime in the future.

    There are many benefits to having 3d printed buildings.

    - Reduced casualties
    - More flexible design. Houses designed by printer can be custom designed by computer easily, with the correct number of beds, bathrooms, and closets.
    - Better materials (I.E. Composite, concrete, hempcrete) can be used.
    - Lower cost of living, since the houses cost less to build
    - Less strength is needed. There is a strong inverse correlation between being strong and being smart, which is why the architect is usually different than the builder. With 3DBP, all that is needed (in theory) to do is make a flat surface.

    Building printing is something that scientists should be looking in to more. Cars are already almost entirely made by machines, as is 75% of everything else, but construction is still a hand job, and a deadly one too.

    It won't take jobs, just change them. People will still be making the printer (which can be mounted on a robotic arm for being more compact), designing the houses, and filling the printer with materials.

    Some may make less money, but the tradeoff is cheaper and better houses, therefore less need for money.

  • Whats the point

    I do not understand the point of 3D printed buildings. Sure they would be pretty but other than that there is really no use to having them really. I think buildings are just fine the way they are and we do not need to create 3D printed ones at all.

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