Should there be a 10-day waiting period for gun purchases?

  • Because there are people who could die.

    Suicide is a big no no in this case. Someone could either commit suicide or kill someone else in a murder attempt. So this is both very dangerous and very wrong and someone has to do something, preferably the government and they need to do it right now because we don't know what will happen!

  • Waiting Periods Are Good

    I believe it would be smart to implement a 10-day waiting period for gun purchases. People generally do not purchase a gun on a whim or at least they shouldn't and a waiting period shouldn't make a difference to the serious gun buyer. I believe this would be a good policy.

  • Shouldn't walk out

    You shouldn't be able to just walk into a store, purchase a gun, and leave. All gun owners should be subject to a lengthy but necessary background check and mental health test to guarantee that guns are not being sold into the wrong hands. People kill people, yes, but unstable people with guns make it a whole lot easier.

  • Yes I think there should.

    If a person needs a gun for legitimate purposes, then they won't mind waiting for 10 days. This doesn't ensure that they won't use it for a crime but it helps. If a person is angry and wants to hurt someone and they try to buy a gun but have to wait, then they may cool off in that 10 day period.

  • Yes for safety reasons

    There indeed should be a ten day waiting period for persons that are trying to buy a gun from another person or a store. This period would make sure that various papers will go and be correct also it may allow for a cool down period. This of course is for safety.

  • There should be a 10 day waiting period for gun purchases.

    While a 10 day waiting period may only delay for some of those who are attempting to purchase a gun with the intent to commit, for others it is a period during which they have opportunity to re-think their plan and change their minds. If a purpose is angry or upset when attempting to purchase a gun, having the opportunity to calm down and think rationally again may be a sufficient deterrent.

  • Yes, if not more

    A waiting period is necessary in case someone is looking to use a gun in the heat of the moment. A 10+ waiting period allow someone to gain a level head. It would cause suspicion for someone to have an immediate need for a firearm. The waiting period allows time for red flags to be discovered.

  • Yes, having a waiting period to buy guns makes sense.

    Yes, there should be at least a 10-day waiting period for gun purchases, if not longer. Ten days gives the gun dealer adequate time to run the appropriate background checks on the potential purchaser. If the buyer desires the firearms for legitimate reasons,such as for hunting or work, then waiting ten days should not be an issue. The waiting period would also prohibit firearms from being purchased by someone while in a fit of anger.

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