Should there be a 90 day jail term for someone caught without up to date vaccines?

  • Not being complicit with vaccines is a conscious crime

    The person who chooses not to take a vaccine is taking a selfish interest. Choosing to allow a pandemic makes such a person a target of and an agent for biological warfare. A person can refuse the vaccine, openly acknowledge they have a higher probability of catching a disease, and deliberately spread such disease.

    Not getting a vaccine, being infected, and exposing themselves to even a small group of people would cause deadly diseases to spread exponentially. A safe and healthy vaccine is a much more humane alternative to quarantine. "Feigning ignorance" is not a way to prevent diseases.

  • Maybe not 90 days in jail, but they do need to be punished...

    The world is full of disease. In every generation, there is a pandemic, and in each one, many people die because of the lack of proper treatment. Vaccination solves not only the treatment issue, but the pandemic issue. By not getting vaccinated, you are taking the risk of starting a pandemic in the United States, which is dangerous for our economy, taxes, and civilians. So yes, there should be punishment for not getting vaccinated.

  • I don't think so...

    Vaccines are a total con and no one needs them. I've never met anyone with all of the bullish things they talk about - like M M R, diptheria, and all of the other hoaxes etc. Not to mention, the side effects (which are EFFECTS), are absolutely heinous. So? Sup?

  • No to severe, however I would add...

    "Chickenpox caused more than 100 deaths every year
    Chickenpox caused more than 10,000 hospitalizations every year
    More than 4 million people got chickenpox every year
    Since U.S. vaccination began (after 15 years of vaccination)" ~ CDC

    "Before the measles vaccination program started in 1963, an estimated 3 to 4 million people got measles each year in the United States. Of these, approximately 500,000 cases were reported each year to CDC; of these, 400 to 500 died, 48,000 were hospitalized, and 1,000 developed encephalitis (brain swelling) from measles. Since then, widespread use of measles vaccine has led to a greater than 99% reduction in measles cases compared with the pre-vaccine era." ~ CDC

    This issue isn't debatable, you should get your kids shots on the recommended date. Saying you don't believe in giving your kids shots is almost the equivalent to saying "I believe my kid should needlessly walk an iron beam over 20 feet tall because I fear the maintenance tech rigged the chair lift to collapse!" Obviously if your kid suffers an immune deficiency he/she become the exception, but don't put peoples lives who can't make independent choices needlessly at risk, get informed about the past and realize everyone isn't currently suffering from Polio.

    The only time I would probably change this answer to yes is, if they found a safe enough vaccine in a middle of a severe outbreak and people were turning their heads for no reason other than fear of authority even when the issue is clearly pragmatically leaning to preventing society's collapse or severe unrest.

  • The ignorant do not need to be punished

    Just because they are ignorant doesn't mean they need to be punished, it means they need to be taught. For example, if a person doesn't know how to read or have some sort of mental disease we try to help them. We don't scold them for being stupid! The same can be said for ignorant people.

  • Vaccinations are not Immunizations

    "Vaccinations are not immunizations" a book by Tim oshea. The majority of vaccinations actually do absolutely nothing in ones defense against illness. A major reason why so many are allergic to the peanut protein. Naturally a body learns what something is by taking it in through ones senses. In this case to know how to digest peanuts one must eat peanuts. But if you are vaccinated as a young child with a vaccine that uses a peanut protein as a vessel into your system via needle to muscle, your body learns to attack the peanut thus resulting in a deadly peanut allergies. In order for ones body to learn to be immune it must be presented with a sickness and then must learn how to fight that sickness off. The next time one comes into contact with said sickness their body will be prepared. This is the way of nature. However- this is not the way of vaccines. "Scientists" take a bacteria and then infect an animal with the disease. (Vaccinations are made through animal cruelty and testing). They then take cells of the liver or other organs that are trying to fight of said disease in the animal (probably a rabbit, monkey, mouse, rat, or puppy) and splice it with a protein. Then they put said vaccination into a syringe and in the human body it goes. It floats around doing absolutely nothing. Your body never gets sick and never learns to fight off the sickness you have been vaccinated for. If your body comes into contact with the disease you are more then likely to get it regardless of vaccinations. There are maybe three vaccinations that actually help. The rest are science experiments done via animal cruelty.

    Regardless of any of this: Why, in any shape way or form, would the people give such control of what goes into their bodies into the hands of people in power? That would be some tyrannical BullShit. That would only give way to the legal requirement of computerized chips being injected into your body. Oh, you didn't get one? Off to jail you go.

    Newbie here sorry for the repetition

  • Just a bad idea.

    We already have prisons that are too crowded, and filling them with people who are nonviolent/never stole anything is just stupid. And keep in mind that we have to feed and clothe these people. And not to mention the dangers of putting an infected person in a confined space with people who also may not be immunized.

  • A bad idea

    It's a really bad idea to put a whole bunch of unvaccinated people into a room together for an extended period of time. That's just going to spread diseases. Even if everyone going into jail gets vaccines before going in, the vaccines still have a period of several weeks before they go into effect.

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