• Why plastic bags should be banned in grocery stores

    Do you have any idea how many sea creatures die a year from plastic bags/ no, Well you should and that is what I am going to say. . . 100, 000 sea creatures die a year, This includes mammals, Fish, Sharks, Turtles, Whales and sea birds. Yes others may disagree with why they shouldn't be banned but plastics bags have been polluting the sea and the environment for many years. If we could ban them and save the earth before its too late. How would you feel? But at the end of the day I guess we all have our own opinions, Don't we? But please try and persuade others to stop sing plastic bags and start using cloth or even paper bags and if you think that we won't have enough trees, You may be right but we don, T necessarily need to use paper bags because trees are already been taken down for the palm olive trees and whilst people are doing that, They are also destroying animals habitats and the animals themselves. Sorry I was off topic but some people don't realise how selfish us humans are. . . For instance were having wars with artillery's, Tanks and many others going off. . . We are not doing anything good for this earth!

  • Absolutely, Positively, Amen

    This should be something close to common sense. They litter are sidewalks and waterways and choke are wildlife. After floods what do you see hanging in the trees - plastic bags! Responsible consumers would be a help. Typical bags are three times the size you need for poop pick up. Any remaining plastic bags should have to be biodegradable. Common sense - where did it go?

  • Ban plastic bags

    Plastic bags should be banned from grocery stores because they are harmful for nature. In fact we get affected by it when we eat fish. Well, those of us who actually eat fish. Fish consume plastic from the ocean get caught and then we eat the fish that have plastic.

  • Ban plastic bags

    Plastic bags should be banned from grocery stores because when you dispose of plastic it eventually washes away into the ocean where innocent creatures die. SO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Did you know our world is slowly clogging with plastic starting with the oceans because of what humans are doing?

  • Ban plastic bags!

    Plastic bags should be banned because when you dispose of plastic it eventually washes away into the ocean where innocent creatures die. And this is all your fault! So, therefore we should ban plastic bags! Any type of plastic doesn't break down. So our world is slowly clogging with plastic.

  • Ban Plastic Bags

    Plastic Bags should be banned because they can suffocate animals in the ocean such as dolphins, fish, whales and many more. There are some species that get extinct from plastic bag pollution.The more plastic bags we buy, the more pollution and animals will get. We should ban plastic bags .

  • Yes there should

    Imagine a turtle in the ocean. All of a sudden he pops his head out of the water and grabs a plastic bag. He swallows the bag, and within a few minutes dies. This poor, little, innocent turtle died, because somebody couldn't dispose this bag correctly. Also, we are wasting to many trees. In order to shop, using plastic bags, you need to breathe! Don't forget, if they get ripped they can't be reused for shopping purposes.

  • Yes, there should be.

    For grocery stores, people should be given cloth bags. Doesn't matter what grocery store it is. As many as people need. The people who collect carts, should help people with their groceries and then take the bags back into the stores. This would even be grounds for raises across the board.

  • fix the enviroment

    I do support the proposed efforts by the authorities to ban plastic bags because this forces people to become aware of our surroundings and work towards preserving it instead of destroying it by littering or clogging the waterways and the ocean with plastic bags.we are now forced to reuse them.

  • Yes There Should

    I believe we should ban the use of plastic bags in grocery stores or implement some kind of plastic bag tax and then route those funds into a program that helps pick up litter from the streets and recycle as much as possible. Plastic bags are oil based, we need to move to the non-woven bags that have been produced as recycled material. There can be used multiple times, if not for years.

  • Plastic bags are the most friendly choice at the checkout they consume fewer natural resources

    There is a market for recycled plastic because it is cheaper to use recycled plastic than to purchase raw materials. Plastic bags comprise less than 2% of the nyc waste stream so taxing plastic bags will not have a significant impact on waste reduction in the city similary plastic grocery bags traditionlly make up less than 1% of litter

  • No, I don't believe we should

    Freedom, That's why. If you just loved paper bags and then the government put a ban on them how would you feel? I would like to have the freedom to use whatever I want to put my food in. Then I would like to be able to take it home and throw it away. That's like saying we should put a ban on trash bags or any type of plastic coverage. Heck why don't we get rid of plastic all togeather.

  • No, plastic bags should not be banned in grocery stores.

    I do not think that there should be a ban of plastic bags in grocery stores. I think that there should be an option for people who want to either get paper bags or plastic bags. While I like to use paper bags myself, I see no problem with people who like plastic bags.

  • No, I don't believe there should be a ban on plastic bags in grocery stores.

    While plastic bags do contribute to pollution overall I think instead of outright banning them there should be some small incentive of sorts to use paper instead of plastic, I think over time society will shift away from plastic bags naturally and there is no need for a law outright banning them.

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