• Advertising around major holidays should be banned

    Having advertisements around holidays leave out the ones who does not have the same religion or perhaps beliefs. We are in Canada and this is a multicultural, diverse society. Advertising starts way too early and is everywhere. It targets kids and gives pressure on you. Some people go high in debt trying to buy some holiday gifts for others.

  • No advertisements drive the economy

    No there should not be a ban on advertisements. Yes many people feel they are annoying but they help our economy survive. Advertisements get the word out on products, pay for our entertainment, and bring a lot of money into the economy. To do without them would be very expensive for all of us.

  • No, there should not be a ban on advertisements.

    No, there should not be a ban on advertisements. Sometimes, I wish there was but these advertisements pay for the free shows that we are sitting on our couches and watching. Lately, advertisements have gotten downright ridiculous but we must suffer through them to get to the good stuff on television.

  • There should NOT be bans.

    There should not be bans on advertisements on the internet, tv or any other media outlet. Advertisements are an important factor in our economy. Without advertisements, our economy would become stagnant and would take forever to recover. If you dislike adverts, there are plenty of ways for you to avoid them.

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