• I say yes

    In the aftermath of the school shooting in Parkland last week, as with previous mass shootings, Americans are calling for more gun control. 100 students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School traveled 400 miles to the state capitol to call for a ban on AR-15 rifles, the type used in the massacre. Prohibiting average civilians from purchasing those types of firearms is a start. There are other factors when it comes to shooting sprees, but our government would begin to make progress if/when they ban civilian use of military-style rifles. Our government should have done something after Sandy Hook. If 20 first-graders being gunned down was not enough to motivate Congress, then what will?

  • Yes, most definitely.

    I feel that the logical conclusion is quite obvious here. Yes, of course there should be a ban on assault weapons. Items such as low-power pistols and shotguns can be used to defend yourself if an intruder is in your home. The use for assault weapons is in the name- assault. They are made to kill efficiently.

  • Without a doubt.

    A pistol can fire a single round per pull of the trigger with reasonably accuracy along a short distance. Most pistol magazines have up to twelve rounds, and revolvers have usually five to six rounds. An average military grade assault rifle can fire off numerous rounds just by holding down the trigger, with reasonable accuracy over medium distances. Lets not delude ourselves, these are tools designed to kill, and assault weapons are designed to kill very efficiently. Do I really trust the average person with such a device, knowing that they can, and sometimes do, use it at any time, in any place they like? Most people are not responsible enough to own any kind of device like this, even a simple handgun, and that includes me. As for black market, let me ask, do you know how to contact a black market dealer? Its not easy, or cheap, or safe. Everyone thinks they are better with guns than they really are, just like everyone thinks they are better at driving than they really are.

  • There is no such thing as "assault weapons"

    First of all the term "assault weapon" doesn't even exist. Those who support a ban say that "assault weapons" are guns that have a pistol grip, a bayonet lug, folding or collapsible stock and threaded barrel. Why are pistol grips on a gun considered "assault weapons" I mean guns that don't have a pistol grip are still capable of killing dozens of people like what happened in Norway in 2011. Because of all these stupid bans which infringe people rights, gun manufacturers can't make any money which affects thousands of jobs. Also manufacturers have to make special versions of popular guns to fit consumer demand. These guns are still capable of killing people. Plus those stupid lawmakers who draft these bills also make a magazine restriction of ten rounds. First of all why 10? Also mag restrictions still won't work. Remember what happened in Columbine in 1991? This was during the 1994 ban and even though guns were horribly disfigured and stripped of all military features, the two gunmen were still able to kill 15 people with a ban compliant rifle. Ypu see the ban just doesn't work in preventing mass shootings.

  • Law Enforcement Perspective

    As the opposing view point phrased it "low power," handguns, more like concealable handguns kill more civilians and officers every year. A lot are cheap and easy to carry. There is not easy solution. But in a democratic country gun control will only help one group, criminals. A lot of people on the left have to educate themselves before they attempt to impose their will on law abiding citizens. Although, I don't have a problem if we all, on the left and right, impose our will on criminals. We can hold them accountable for their action, imagine that. Just saying.

  • Pistols can be just as dangerous.

    I think it is important to recognize a pistol can be just as dangerous as an "assault weapon". The only differences are the mag capacity and the caliber of the round, in which a pistol could be a larger caliber. If someone has a pistol and knows how to use it, it will be more dangerous than someone with an AR-15 who barely understands the weapon system, keep in mind a .44 is more deadly than a 5.56 round, it is also much cheaper. So, in conclusion should you ban them? No.

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