• Plastic bottles have harbor toxins in them

    If we have plastic bottled water it is bad for the earth also with the toxins inside of it that is even worse, because it could harm the plastic bottle users and I don't think you want people dying. Would you like people dying or do you want to die?

  • Yes yes yes

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  • Yes we should for the worlds sake!

    This is because of many reasons but some people may question this. Some counties don't have tap systems and from personal experience, you have to buy your bottled water. And remember, by bottled water, we mean all bottled water. Like plastic, glass, can, etc. But for the people that say no, it's pretty hard to rebut against this topic!

  • Natural disaster boyyyyyy

    After a natural disaster bottled water is the only safe water source and is easy to transfer around the world so it is a safe clean water source. How would you feel if your town got destroyed and there was no bottled water to drink, It would be tough to get water.

  • No, there shouldn't.

    Some people can't afford fancy water bottles, and the affordable kinds are usually unsafe and made of harmful materials. What if you didn't have a lot of money, and you also had 4 kids that each needed a water bottle. Would you rather them possible get sick from a cheap water bottle, or let them use an affordable and safe method of getting water?

  • No because People like bottled water

    People really like bottled water because its a nice thing to have in our stuff and other things like bottled water and things. Lots of people need bottled water i need bottled water, my friend needs bottled water, and my dog even likes bottled water, so i think ive made my point

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