• The mislabeling of Goods

    The ban on Israeli goods is a hot topic in regards to the many aspects it takes on when allowing the goods into outside countries. For example, the goods are constantly being mislabeled and then shipped to consumers in the UK and the US and being sold without being closely monitored, endangering lives. Ban on the goods until there is a better policing of funds and goods as they leave the system.

  • So your phone?

    Israelis have produced many goods that you wouldn't expect. Many ways we water our produce were developed by Israel. Israel also invented Wifi and other technological developments for health and other purposes. If you want to ban Israeli goods, we would have to get rid of most of the things we use today.

  • No, there should be no ban on Israeli goods.

    Israel is a friend of the United States. We should be supporting Israel by allowing their goods to be sold here. Banning these goods makes no sense from either a moral or an economic standpoint. Although there are some countries whose goods we should ban, Israel is not one of them.

  • No, an Israeli ban would be harmful

    Banning Israeli goods would harm our long-time good relations with Israel. Use diplomacy instead of punishment to get Israel to adopt policies we support. Many American citizens with strong ties to Israel would also be offended by a trade ban with Israel, so we need to be sensitive to that reality.

  • No, we should support and encourage our allies.

    The United States does not have justification for placing a ban on Israeli goods. Israel is a close ally of the United States, and we have an obligation to protect and support it's industries. Placing a ban on Israeli goods would suggest we are not committed to the advancement of Israeli business, and it would cause a strain between our two countries. In order to continue our positive relationship to Israel, and to show support and encouragement to it's businesses, we should welcome Israeli goods. This will send a message to the world that the US supports it's allies and is invested in their growth and prosperity.

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