• A ideology to kill.

    First some background. I am bisexual. That's all. Now it is well known that in Muslim controlled countries members of the LGBT community are regularly executed for simply being a part of said community. This is not extremism this is the norm in the Middle East. Allowing unchecked immigration for this ideology is a direct threat to American citizens. People before entering America should first be tested to find if their ideology is threatening to our society.

  • No, that is discrmination.

    We can not ban Muslim immigration into the United States- this is discrimination based on Religion and America is well known as a strong democracy where freedom of worship is a right. What the government should do is enhance its intelligence to root out muslim extremist who commit acts of terror in the name in the name of God.

  • No, Muslim immigration should not be banned in the United States.

    No, Muslims are not a threat to the United States. While there are precautions that should be made in regards to immigration, generalization is ineffective in curtailing national threats. There are many organizations which pose a threat to the United States. The religion of Islam is very expansive and banning Muslims would be a broad-sweeping action.

  • There should not be a ban on Muslim immigration into the United States.

    Muslims, like other cultural groups, can make significant contributions to US culture. They have already enhanced America through technological inventions and entertainment. America has a legacy of building its nation from a combination of many cultures. The Muslim culture is yet another one that will help America stay competitive and desirable in the future.

  • There should be a better screening process.

    Not all Muslims are terrorists. With that being said there should be a better screening process for Muslims that are coming into the United States. With all the technology afforded to intelligence groups like the NSA it shouldn't be a problem to track an individual's personal activity and weed out the terrorists.

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