• They kill people's pets

    Whether or not you care about them killing babies and adult humans (even if its relatively rare, Once is too often) they are left out of the media for all the deaths and maiming inflicted on thousands of pets om per year: large and small animals from chickens, Cats, Dogs, To sickeningly. . . Horses! Yes. Do look it up. The stats will blow your mind. If they don't, You are just plain as evil as they are.

  • NO Pit Bull Should Banned

    Theirs NO reason to ban a pit bull. Their is no animal that is mean just to be mean, they all would have a reason to be mean, and aggressive. It's there owner, or their past owner. Don't ban a dog just because it's a aggressive, or mean. If you ban one dog, then might as well ban the fest.

  • PittBulls aren't a naturally occurring species of Canine, they were manufactured from an attempt by dog fighters to create the perfect fighting dog.

    The Pit Bull’s History


    The pit bull’s ancestors hail from England and were brought to North America by English immigrants. These descendants were bred from the bulldog, which some breed historians believe originally served as a “gripping dog” for hunters of large game. (The term “bulldog” does not refer to the American Kennel Club’s English Bulldog. This more recently developed breed serves as a loyal companion rather than a working dog.) Later, bulldogs were likely used as butcher’s dogs and helped control large livestock. Eventually, these dogs were bred to participate in an inhumane blood sport called “baiting.” Spectators found it highly entertaining to watch bulldogs pitted against bulls, bears and other large animals. During these violent events, one or more dogs were expected to attack another animal, biting it around the face and head. The dogs usually maintained their grip until the animal became exhausted from fighting and loss of blood. After animal baiting was banned in the early 1800s, people began pitting dogs against each other, and the cruel sport of dog fighting was born. As it grew in popularity, enthusiasts developed a lighter, more agile dog for the fighting ring. Some people bred their bulldogs with black and tan terriers, creating dogs who were only 25 to 30 pounds. Others may have simply selected smaller bulldogs for breeding purposes. These dogs were the forebears of the present-day pit bull.

    The Influence of a Fighting History

    When two dogs fight, the conflict is usually ritualized. The objective is for one dog to win the disagreement with little or no bloodshed. The participants try to intimidate each other by engaging in plenty of dramatic-looking behavior, which may include posturing, circling, growling, showing teeth and snarling. Bites delivered during a fight are typically inhibited because the point is to cause pain but not necessarily to inflict serious injuries. Pit bulls have been bred to behave differently during a fight. They may not give warning before becoming aggressive, and they’re less likely to back down when clashing with an opponent. When provoked, they may become aggressive more readily than another breed might. Sometimes they don’t inhibit their bites, so they may cause injury more often than other dogs.

    -American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals-


  • There Should Not Be a Ban on Pitbulls

    I can tell by the picture you posted, your clearly think yes.
    Well, to counter your belief mainly from looking at the picture,
    read this:
    in the picture, what the dog is doing, the top 10 most poular dog breeds, adn all dogs really, do that.
    Pitbulls have a nasty stereotype of being mean and aggressive, but that's because WE MAKE THEM THAT WAY. We abuse them, ditch them, and treat them badly. Of course they hate humans.
    I have MANY more reasons if you would like to hear them.

  • Pits are amazing

    They are just loving creatures with a bad rep. Some people have a bad experience with them, but the only reason why they are aggressive is that they were raised in a bad environment or abused. The pit bull is misjudged, so let's make things right. PITS FOR THE WIN!!!

  • Pit bulls are loving

    They are sweet dogs but because of dumb people they attack. By such owners they are told to attack to protect. It has been shown the News won't cover a dog attack unless it involves a pit bull. The reason people don't choose golden retrievers and such is because they aren't scary for them to train.

  • No pitbulls shouldnt be banned

    Pitbulls should not be banned! Just because some pitbulls dp the wrong thing dosent mean they all do. Its like your saying if one person did a horrible thing all the people in this word are horrible.Like the saying "you cant judge a book by its cover"so you cant just judge all pitbulls!!!

  • They shouldnt be banned.

    In the other argument you state that the owners are the ones that put them in these fights and what other animals they fight.. Its not like the dog can tell its owner they dont want to fight. But if you are a good owner then clearly you wouldn't put your dog in harm.. I myself have a pit bull, and he is the most loving dog I have ever had. He does have a scary bark but thats when someone who is afraid let them know he wont attack and you also train and let the dog know that he is not suppose to attack.. It all comes down to who is owning the dog, because i dont see a dog just jumping into an area just to fight unless it is needed for food or family.

  • There should be a ban on bad pit bull owners.

    Pit Bulls are lovely animals. Pit Bulls are loyal and fun loving like any other dog. The problem is barbaric people who abuse these poor dogs for their nature in gripping. Pit Bulls have a gripping (jaw locking) bite that can crush bone. And some sick people like to drive these delicate creatures mad to prompt that gripping response. I believe they're called dog fighters. I have another name for them.....

  • There shouldn't be a ban

    Just look at picture with that cute puppy tasting that cute little baby. Guard dogs are awesome and efficient. They let the good people in and keep the bad people out. One thing about a guard dog is that they are selective. If they weren't selective, even their owners would be afraid of them.

  • There should not be a ban on pit bulls

    Pit bulls are the most loving and protective dogs I know they are very playful but when needed ready to defend for its family. Judged by the stereotype the name comes with is not good they are supposedly know as a fighting dog a very aggressive mean dangerous dog which is not true.If you are a good guardian and treat them we'll they will do the same. However pit bulls may come on to you in a wrong way yes they look scary and their very big and ripped but doesn't mean they aren't goons love you. When you see a big ripped pit bulls coming to you hes/she's ready to give you a nice big kiss. Ch p4

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