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  • Porno prohibition, because prohibition has worked wonders throughout history!

    Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is the definition of insanity. Criminalization of prostitution , prohibition, and the war on drugs were all failures. These moral laws directly lead to pimps, the mafia , and Mexican cartel. Our governments Christian based laws have destroyed innocent lives in north and South America .Still American do gooders feel the need to tell adults what they can't do. You can not stop it with law enforcement better pray.

  • Get the govenrment out

    Someone is not violating anyone's rights when the watch it. Banning has not worked on drugs, alcohol, etc, and using a proxy or vpn is easy. The governmetn should stop playing nanny with it's citizens. Nobody's rights are being violated, so let them watch it. Banning is unconstitutional censorship that should not happen.

  • Against Human Rights

    Nobody has a right to say what another human being can or cannot watch or view. These ones that protest obviously don't understand that there really isn't truth to that saying "There is somebody out there for everybody". Being apart of the dating world its become cruel out there. Some people just can't find love so they turn to Porn. If its consenting adults within these films who the Hell is anybody to judge? I say mind your own business & keep your opinions to yourself. Banning porn? God the first film was a porno. There is far worse things going on out there in the world people then people watching porn(Which millions do). So heres a thought. Get a life.

  • It can only make matters worse!

    Pornography is mainly used by men (It's a proven fact) although women do use pornography and it's always used as a way to channel the inner sexual desires of the individual so why should we be able to stop them and as long as the pornographic material isn't illegal in any way there's no harm. Banning pornography would leave these people to find new outlets for their sexual frustration and it's a possibility that they can be lead towards using acts of sexual assault as an outlet which would be doing much more harm than someone at home watching pornographic video tapes from the comfort of their home.

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