• Perpetuating a lack of respect and condoning poor attitudes.

    So often it's irrelevant. Why condone or make opportunity available to girls for the sole purpose of being objectified or sexualized, desired door sex and degraded. So many sporting codes exploit young women just to attract and serve male desire. It promotes sexualized commentary and attitudes towards women which also perpetuates a lack of respect for women's function in society.

  • YES stop this , no one needs these sexist, with aggressive and violent behavior on commercials or advertising. Stop this madness

    Yes, because if a man is watching sexist advertising it could lead to affairs, fights, or even divorces with men's wifes. It is even worse if a woman/parent starts seeing their children watching these inappropriate commercials of men or women which means they will watch it more if their parents watch it . This causes a bad future and a bad example for parents to do!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ban sexist adverts from public places

    In a free society i want to exercise my right to walk down the street or around an airport departure lounge without being forced to see semi naked women in sexualised poses in shop window displays and adverts. However as things stand I am FORCED to view these repressive images EVERYDAY. They are impossible to avoid no matter how hard I try.

    Freedom of speech and expression seem to only truely apply to those in the media with power. Why do they have the power to dictate what the public view?

  • Yes there should be

    It is very wrong to do so. People get disturbed by it and could get offended by it. Not all people will agree, but it is right not to do it. If it goes out to the public, people will start to get annoyed by it and eventually, it will be banned.

  • Sexism in advertising is wrong

    We are setting up a beauty standard that all men and women act and look a certain way. A lot of the people who are saying no for banning sexism in advertising are saying that if the roles were reversed that no one would be fighting for it but men are being affected by it just as much as women but in a different way. GENDER BIAS is what this is called. Men are portrayed as a masculine person who love sports and they cant cry because its not manly. Women are portrayed as a house wife and a mom who cleans cooks and does anything for her loving husband. IT IS NOT JUST SEXUAL ADVERTISING WHICH IS STILL A PROBLEM BUT ITS ALSO THE FACT THAT THE MEDIA IS STEREOTYPING MEN AND WOMEN TO ACT A CERTAIN WAY. And while I'm here I would just like to point out to all the men and women who are fighting against banning these ads, imagine you have a daughter or son and you see her on a VERY sexual commercial. Might want to rethink your decision huh

  • There should be a ban because not only does sexist advertising degrade whichever sex they are portraying but it can lead to mental health issues.

    Humans, women especially, have had their bodies used to sell products that have nothing to do wit their body. Many commercials portray women as objects and then wonder why people still say sexism exists. Seeing commercials with skinny, white, big breasted, big butt, unrealistic women is degrading and a bad way to show women that they are worth more then their clothing size. And if there was more diversity in the advertisements there wouldn't be as much self hatred in women's heads. By only having a small variety of women who are deemed to be "beautiful" shows many girls that they are not worth it and they are not good enough, this can lead to serious issues such as depression, anorexia, bulimia and much more. That being said, if we were to ban sexist advertising that means we would ban ALL sexist advertising, including the ones with men.

  • Degrading Offensive Evil

    Take Carls. Jr's commercial for example. What do you have there? Two blonde women stripped down to bikini level eating burgers. Why? For the sake of a stupid store. That commercial was degrading to women. As a man, I would give away my extra privileges for just being a person of the male gender for equality. What will you choose?

  • Yes, sexism of all natures should be banned in advertising

    Sexism in advertising needs to be abolished. Subconsciously, it feeds people subliminal messages that it's okay to say things and act in a sexist manner. I am very aware that different sexes have strengths and weaknesses in different areas but the fact that this is 2014 and advertising companies still feel that it's appropriate to use a sexist attitude against any gender is disgusting.

    Notice how this debate is titled 'Should there be a ban on sexist advertising' NOT 'should there be a ban on sexist advertising against women'. I completely agree that men are also exploited in advertising just harshly, but hardly as much, as women, which is why all sexism should be completely banned in not only advertising but the media also.

  • Yes, sexist advertisements are degrading.

    Media even to this day still depicts a world where women must do what they are told and must be the "housemaids". Advertisements show sexist views on women both with the intention to purchase their advertised product or item, and to purposely brainwash women into thinking if they "don't do it this way" or "don't buy this" they will face isolation and rejection from society. Do you see how even in our 21st century society there is this stigma on women to do the supposedly "right" thing and treat men, the "breadwinners" and sexually dominant, with courtesy, respect and civility.

  • MOST CERTAINLY!!! I see it all the time and it p*sses me off!

    Notice how the oxi stain commercial is represented by a guy but there are 40 other women behind him. In all the laundery/baking soda commercials its women, and their moms and their daughters..Like hellooo wake up! I wont be teaching my dad to be a crappy housewife. My daughter will be independent and make me proud. And the stupid Dr. Pepper commercial and how they said it was a "manly drink"... Tell me how a drink is manly?! ITS NOT!!! It is a freakin drink! I wanted to smack those people up the head. I do not drink dr. Pepper and their ratings went down for it. They suck. And it doesnt matter if they think its a joke because males go way too far..WHY DO YOU THINK A LOT OF WOMEN STOP JOKING AROUND!!! ITS BECUZ U BOYS TAKE IT TOO SERIOUSLY AND THEN TRY TO EMPOWER US! Enough with the sexist commercials. Everything is always sexual and its pathetic..Get a f-ing life and grow up!

  • There would be no advertising...

    What do you see as sexist advertising?

    This razor is good for men, this makeup is good for women?

    The advertisement where the man is portrayed as a bumbling idiot and the woman is the all knowing wonder that he is lucky to have?

    The 30 second clip of the mom doing laundry and marvelling at how snuggles makes her sheets soft?

    Sorry, but this kind of thought policing is ridiculous.

  • It would only ban sexism against women.

    There is no way that advertising that degrades men would be taken away, therefore this would be yet another sexist law benefiting only women. Should special K have to show men loosing weight as well as women? Should beer commercials stop using fat men? Should the commercials in which lazy men watch sports or play videogames instead of doing chores that their wives asked them to do be banned? Should the stereotypical obnoxious little brother" be banned? Should all the shows that make fun of "redneck" men be banned? It is obvious that such a ban would allow blatant sexism against men and not against women. Thus, it would violate the 14th amendment.

  • No because they wouldn't ban sexist commercials towards men

    Any time a law is passed dealing with sexism it's always completely pro-woman and anti-man. If you banned both sides then yes, but this wouldn't be the reality of such a ban. There are plenty of shows/commercials emasculating men, I don't hear people up in arms about those. Equal rights means equal offence, get over yourself or give up all your perks/laws that are blatantly anti-men

  • Mmm blueberries are rather tasty

    Advertising is creating a metaphorical situation to representing an idealist view of what their product or concept will do, and should be seen as such. Using the example of fragrance adverts, who would buy a fragrance if the situation presented was of a nature where the person using the product didn't get some? What would be the reward for using the fragrance? A free Crunchie? Think about it, these advertisements are just drip feeding idealistic views into society, and is it long term affecting us? Nope.

  • There should be no ban on sexist advertising

    sexist advertising is cruel, ignorant,and completely false. With that being said, it is our constitutional right to share information that is cruel, ignorant, and completely false. Those individuals can continue to live in their sad little word, it is our responsibility to ignore them, without actually taking away there constitutional rights.

  • People can see it for what it is.

    It seems like for every person that sexist advertising might appeal to, there are two who think that it's stupid. Most of the time, it's just a harmless joke anyway, and if a truly offensive ad comes along, there is enough backlash that it quickly gets pulled. The market is slowly but surely correcting itself, so the government does not need to intervene.

  • No, They are wasting their own money

    If they companies are wasting money on offending customers than that is their own fault. I would think that in today's society people would be smart enough to know that just as many women, if not more, are making the buying decisions and they need to be smart enough to not offend someone by advertising that way.

  • Free Market Economy Rules America

    Sexist advertising can be found everywhere in America. Women wearing very little clothes market perfume in huge billboard ads. Muscular men without shirts model underwear. Sex appeal in advertising is everywhere. In a free market economy, advertising firms give the people what they want. Unless ads are deceptive, sex can sell whatever it wants to.

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