Should there be a ban on smoking in public places in an effort to increase quality of life for the public?

  • Smoking is treacherous and lethal

    Although many people think that smoking feels phenomenal, it is imperative that they stop.Smoking can cause deadly lung cancer, inflict a great deal of damage on your brain(allowing you to lose control of yourself), and lead to suicidal thoughts. Smoking is addictive and a very bad influence to others. Second-hand smoke is bad for children and they will not develop the traits they need to grow into healthy adults.Smoking is absolute suicide and should be banned.

  • Smoking should not be done in the public

    Many people smoke in parks, outside restaurants, and even schools. There is a small children out and some people are even allergic to smoking. I know that smoking is an addiction but it should be done private. I have triplets and they are three years old. When people smoke they always cough and later talk about how their throat hurt.

  • I am allergic to cigarettes.

    At the age of 16 my ear drum exploded because I was allergic to the cigarettes of all four of my parents and that is when my mom started smoking outside. Smokers don't understand that they are inhaling through a filter and we are not. So this law is very fair.

  • Smoking Kills People

    Not only the person smoking, but also the people around the smoker. Smoking is your choice, but we should have to pay the consequences for your bad habits. There's no reason you can't do that stuff in a private place where no one will be affected by the smoke. Don't be selfish.

  • Half the risk of a heart attack

    So what happens to your body when you quit? Within a year of stopping, the risk of a heart attack falls to about half that of someone who continues to smoke. Within 10 years of stopping, the risk of lung cancer falls to half that of a smoker. You also protect young kids by not smoking

  • Is death worth a filthy cigarette?

    No. Why in the world do you start smoking? What's the benefit? There's only a negative. It harms the people around you and yourself and causes death. Cancer, heart attacks, lung and heart disease are all effects from smoking. You want this? Then start smoking. I'm actually in 7th grade and doing a project on why smoking in public is bad and how there should be a ban on it. Yes stupids there is such thing as second-hand and third-hand smoking. If you're really stupid, second-degree smoking is where you breathe in the smoke from someone nearby you which is really dangerous. Third-hand is where you can smell it or breathe it in from walls, furniture, floors, the smokers hair and clothes. Do you want your poor innocent getting asthma or cancer from you smoking in their cute faces? I don't think so. Get a hint. Yes, maybe it may close down businesses, and it may be a law that you are allowed to have tobacco. But risk lives for it? No. We need to put a stop to it and ban smoking. It may not be easy, but it's worth saving the future.

  • The right of harm others!

    If smoking didn't harm others I wouldn't have any objection on smoking. But when you smoke you harm people's health next to you and you don't have the right to do this. I don't disagree with smoker places to the contrary I believe there should be even to the public places.

  • It kills many people and there are designated places

    It kills many people and there are designated places it kills many people and there are designated places it kills many people and there are designated places it kills many people and there are designated places it kills many people and there are designated places it kills many people and there are designated places

  • Secondhand smoke KILLS!

    Secondhand smoke KILLS by causes lung cancer, heart disease, and all sorts of other problems. It's especially problematic for people with allergies and asthma, and can make crowded city sidewalks hell for them.

    Anyone who smokes in public is forcing their toxic smoke on everyone around them. I support peoples' right to smoke in private, far away from anyone who does not consent to breathing the smoke. But smoking in public is imposing bodily harm on innocent bystanders, and is thus WRONG!

  • Smoking should be banned in public places

    There's always smoking in every public place that I go. It makes it harder for me to breathe by being around those people. Most parents who are smoke free that have children really don't want their children around that, so I think that more restaurants should have a "No smoking" policy since that's where families eat the most. The bar is okay for a smoking section because it's usually where adults hang out. But smoking should be as banned as much as possible because it pollutes the air and damages society.

  • Smoking is an addiction

    Addicted smokers can die from trying to quit smoking since smoking is such a strong addiction. Plus cigarettes are already taxed so much as to try and get people to stop and the fact of the matter is that people who are addicted to smoking will likely never stop no matter the consequences. The government can try to stop smoking but they are just stripping away the freedom of people.

  • Freedom of choice

    I do not like smoking at all, but then I do support other peoples rights, because only 20% of the American population smoke cigarettes and there are already only a limited amount of places to smoke, I f you ban smoking in public spaces where would the smokers smoke? Their homes? Maybe some of those smokers are not allowed to smoke or do not smoke in their homes because of their loved ones not wanting them to smoke. It is a public space y'all and you should respect that, If you don't like the smokers smoking around you then either leave quietly or simply grow a pair off balls and ask them to stop politely instead of going home and complaining about it. Remember - IT IS A PUBLIC SPACE, AND PEOPLE OF THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE

  • Banning smoking inside businesses is one thing, but banning it in all public places is taking government control way too far.

    Inch by inch, we are letting our personal freedoms slip away. I may not enjoy breathing smoke, but I don't want the government to take away someone else's right to do so. The next freedom they take away may be something that is important to me. Seriously, what's next? The government controlling our health care?

    Posted by: FreddyB
  • I do not feel smoke has an unappealing odor.

    As a smoker no I do not feel that smoke has a bad odor and you should be able to smoke especially outside where there is plenty of room for the smoke to disperse. We pay a lot of money to smoke cigarettes and a lot of it is tax money that the government needs and could not afford to loose. So yes I do not feel that cigarette smoke is unappealing.

    Posted by: 5h4rkEmar

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