Should there be a ban on television advertisements aimed at children and teenagers?

  • Yes advertisements aiming at children should be ban

    Children does not know correct difference between right and wrong.
    They get attract towards advertisements and their demand increases.
    They do not have any idea about the things they see in advertisements are of good quality or not but if they like that particular thing they ask their parents to buy it for them.

  • IDK if this is strong…..

    Ads are designed in a particular way to make you remember them. It could be an annoying little jingle but think to yourself, have you ever found yourself humming one of these tune? Now think about what that would sound like to a young child. If these ads are aimed at children, they will remember those ads for a long time and then during the ad they will actually pay attention. Also humans have a balance of what they need as opposed to what they want. We know that everything we need, we can somehow manage to get it for ourselves without needing to be talked into it. Ads trigger this feeling of need and can then result in the watcher feeling inadequate.

  • Enough indoctrination...

    Children have to deal with enough peer pressure as it is. Schools already indoctrinate them to mold them into little shoppers to perpetuate the worlds economy. Then they have to come home and be bombarded by commercials that tell them what they should buy and how they should dress. We hardly let them think for themselves as it is

  • People are getting obese

    If we ban restrictions on food ads then the rate of obesity in kids the age of 12-17-year-olds will drop because of right now the rate is skyrocketing. This is why I think restrictions should be on food ads, to stop the rate of obesity because kids beg their parents for something sugary or they will buy it themselves

  • This depends on what the ad is for

    Not everything that is advertised is bad. There should be a ban on television ads for junk food just like there is for cigarettes. However, an ad for kale that makes an effort to appeal to children and teenagers would be a positive thing. So would an ad for a gym membership.

    Just like cigarette advertising on tv is illegal so should the advertising of certain other unhealthy things. But not everything is bad, and the advertising of some things is positive.

  • If adults can have ads, why can't they?

    There are so many different adult-friendly advertisements on televeision these days, I feel it is only nature to keep the specific advertisements aimed at teens and children on the air, as well. Grown ups may feel a bit awkward watching them, but if we adults can have our specific ads on television, why can't our youth?

  • There is no need to ban ad's targeting children and teens.

    Television is a business, driven by advertising. Without the funds generated by advertising throughout the day our viewing choices could become limited. In addition, it is a a parent's responsibility to educate their children about the way marketing works, and to impose limits on children and teens even if it's difficult. Just because a child or teen see's something on TV, doesn't mean a parent has to allow them to do it or buy it for them. It's a part of child rearing, and it is not the media or government's responsibility.

  • No

    Advertisements are the means by which most television stations are funded. If advertising to children is banned, then broadcasters will stop showing children’s programmes, or greatly reduce their quality and quantity, which is clearly not in the public interest. State broadcasters funded by a license fee, such as the UK’s BBC, and specialist subscription channels that are also not dependent upon advertising revenue would both welcome restrictions upon the ability of commercial broadcasters to compete with them in children’s programming. As competition is the best means of improving choice, diversity and quality, their lobbying on this issue should be disregarded. Nor does advertising only benefit commercial broadcasters, consumers also benefit. Greece has banned advertising of toys, and this has led to a more limited selection of toys being sold in Greece. Children’s magazines rely upon advertising to be affordable - logically under this proposal they should be prevented from doing so, and so effectively shut down.

  • Not the government's place

    Children are impressionable, and that's why advertisers love to target them, but it's ultimately the responsibility of their caregivers-- like their parents-- to keep them from being exposed to too much advertising. Putting a ban on it is eliminating good things as well as bad, and it is infringing on free speech. The harm outweighs the benefits.

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