• Yes violent video games corrupt little kids minds

    It is said that people who don't play violent video games are lots smarter than the ones who do. The scientist have proven that this is true through lots of research. I play video games myself but there are some that just cross the line of violence and people need yo get more exercise instead of sitting on their bums all day

  • Violence Affects Brain

    Violence does indeed have a bigger impact on society more than you realize. The human brain is susceptible to violence after being exposed to violent video games, violent movies, violent songs, etc, etc. Video games after repeated gameplay in a way rewires your brain and desensitizes you to violence and disturbing concepts and images. I admit in the past when I did play violent video games I was definitely influenced by it. Same with movies. I was a lot more angry at society and sometimes I felt like going on a shooting spree but I didn't because I'm not that kind of person. Unfortunately, a lot of people don't have a lot of discipline and strength to stop being controlled by their emotions and they end up actually shooting people. Look at the news, violence is increasing exponentially. So as a result, I strongly stay rooted in my firm belief that ALL violent video games, movies, books, music, perverted internet videos such as porn, etc, etc should ALL be banned. All of this crap is the reason there are so many psychopaths and serial killers.

  • Video game ratings are there for a reason.

    If the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) wanted 5 year olds to play Call Of Duty, then they would have put an "E for everyone" not "M for mature". We need to follow these ratings provided for us, and not buy kids these games until they are old enough to understand the difference between fantasy and reality.

  • Evidence for the banning of violent video games.

    There is lots of evidence supporting the fact that violent video games are bad. Brains have been scanned after playing these kinds of games and the results show that there is an increase in the activity in the amygdala, which stimulates emotions and decreases the activity in the prefrontal lobe. The prefrontal lobe is that part of your brain that allows you to have inhibition, self-control and concentration. Without these things people are not able to take control and might act out, hurting others or themselves.
    In 2006, a 18 yr old boy was taken to the police station on suspicion of car theft. On arriving, he stole the gun of a policeman, shooting 3 people in the head, and stole a police car. They found out that this boy had been continuously playing a game in which you shoot police and steal their cars.

  • They have bad effects on people.

    Yes they should because they cause stress and frustration. They also cause you to be overweight. They also cause you to have a seizure in some circumstances. They also can give you hand, thumb, arm, neck, and leg cramps. They can also give you bad thoughts or make you do bad things.

  • Yes, violent video games should be banned.

    There's enough violence in the world, so there's no need to emulate this in a video game. And, children often play these games, which subconsciously gives young people the notion that killing and violence is entertaining and harmless. People make enough violent and dangerous decisions without being exposed to games that encourage this behavior.

  • Finish violent games!

    According to certain people, violent video games should be banned; they feel that violent video games are the source of today’s violence amongst children. I strongly agree with them. Video games, like movies, music and any other form of art, are there to entertain people and to enjoy, not restrict; But games like these need restriction even though they have some. What most people fail to realize is that the video game industry, like the film industry, is heavily regulated with a strict code of parental guidelines already in place. Even the game consoles to play these violent games have parental controls. What I fail to understand is that some parents believe its okay to give their children 18+ rated games even though they are well under that age, and say that these games are the sources of violence between children. If parents would not let a 10-year-old watch 18+ rated horror movies, then why would parents let a 10-year-old play Gears of War, or Grand Theft Auto with its gang, crime and sexual content? Today, the debate to ban violent video games is drastically increasing in popularity. Video games that have violence in them such as Call of Duty, might be banned for showing mature content.

  • Why violent video games should be banned

    Would you ever murder 13 people and wound 23 before turning the gun on on yourself? Well two kids did, acting out their own version of the video game doom. There are many different effects that can be caused from violent video games. From behaviour issues to health hazards. Many of the video games reward you for violence and aggression. They are also teaching children questionable values. Violent video games have a high rate to lower academic scores, cause kids to argue more with teachers and tend to lift anxiety and depression levels. For these and many more reasons is why I believe violent video games are bad for your brain.

  • Rated video games

    Yes, Violent videos games are rated, but the kids could have there older brother, sister, uncle, aunt, and other people. Kid don't care what it's rated, they care if it is fun or not. Violent video games are harmful to childern should not be able to play these violent games.

  • I mean like seriously didn't you see the news?

    I think violent games should be banned but if you can handle the killings and bloody scences of violent games then go ahead and play it.Violent games are considered as addictive games.Some games introduced to you are actually from the peer pressure or even from youtube Gameplays!Well some people did die because of addictive gaming.But if You can control your gaming time then it's fine but some people have the ability to control their timing on playing these addictive games.Once you're addicted it's like you can't quit smoking.Then you're game over

  • Don't play games where your the criminal.

    There should be no ban on violent video games. Kids shouldn't play video games where they are the criminal. They should play games where your the good guys not the bad guys. Games like GTA 5 and stuff like that should be sold to adults. But, other than that, kids should get to play violent video games. It doesn't affect them in any way shape or form. I've played violent video games before, and it doesn't affect me. Personally I think it gives kids a broader imagination, as well as a sense of "this is what it's like in the outside world." ( but just simulated and added affects.) So, No violent video games should not be banned.

  • No Because it is fun

    If u don't like it then don't play it. When kids are around don't play. But when not u can play. I like it because it is fun. If adults don't want there kids seeing it then don't buy or even show them. Don't even talk about it. DEEZ NUTS HA GOTTYM

  • They should only be allowed for responsible adults.

    These violent games have strict 17+ warnings that never get followed. You should have an ID to be able to purchase them, just like cigarettes or beer. I don't understand how people find enjoyment shooting innocent people. After the Sandy Hook incident, I cannot even look at them without sadness.

  • Why should it be banned???

    Why should people ban violent video games? We all know that violent video games can cause murder, and those kind of things, but that's their own fault, because we got nothing to do with that. The ones who did do that, is thinking too much of the content of the game.

  • They are not harmful to people

    This is in no way harmful to people or children and games, even if violent, help a young kid learn. If this is banned it is also imposing against freedom. So, if you don't want your kid to play violent video games, just don't buy the violent games for your kid.

  • No,it shouldn't be ban

    A ban of violent video games would be pointless.First of all it would affected the economy not the video game industry itself,and second,it is unfair for others who love violent games,Third,we all know in common that violent games does not link to violent crime and since te popular games come out,violent crime dropped.

  • No there should not be bans on violent video games.

    I do not think violent video games influence adults into actually killing someone. If you are not a criminal playing a few games will not turn you into one. On the other hand children should not play these games, if parents disregard video games age restrictions they should be fully responsible for the effects that does to a child.

  • Banning violent video games will create more problems than it will solve.

    Speaking as a female sixteen-year-old, I have played my fair share of video games. Many of them have been violent. However, none of them has had a negative effect on me. In fact, I can't remember ever feeling that because they were in these games - because they were so easily accessed (by me and countless others) - it would be okay to do these things. Fortunately, I am not susceptible to these 'messages', and neither is the vast majority who plays these games.

    Usually, people against violent video games and those who have never played them. They see teenagers and young people committing violent crimes and immediately blame the media. However, this is not the case. Nine times out of ten, those people do what they do because of their upbringing, their peer group(s) and (sometimes) their minds. It is not the influence of video games.

    I admit that some games involve gratuitous violence. However, these sections are not compulsory; unless it is in a cut-scene, the player does not have to commit violent crimes. For example, I am a huge fan of a particular video game. It is rated '18' for violence, language, sex, alcohol and drug use. However, I barely come across these things, because playing like a lunatic does not appeal to me. Yes, I have been known to go on a murderous rampage now and again, but this is strictly within the confines of the video game world.

    Of course, there are those video games whose aim it is to force the player to be as violent and destructive as possible, but it's fantasy. You wouldn't stop a world-class author from publishing his next novel just because it had a lot of blood in it, would you?

    For me, video games are an art form, like making movies or TV shows, maybe even similar to painting the next masterpiece and writing the Great American Novel. I also feel that video games get unfair treatment. Why attack them for what they are? What will you get out of it?

    I, for one, will be shocked and saddened if video games of any kind are ever banned.

    -A long-time gamer.

  • Banning Violent Video Games Won't Solve Anything

    Banning violent video games would violate some of what we hold dear in the United States, such as the freedom to pursue happiness. If violent video games make you happy, and they exist, then there should not be a ban on them. However, their sale could easily be regulated so that they don't go home with known sociopaths, or that they aren't sold anywhere near a school, or in the vicinity where violence was recently perpetuated. We need to address violence in consumer products sanely.

  • No, there should not be a ban on violent video games.

    Violent video games exist for a specific intended audience, and that is why they are usually rated M. There is a chance that children may be negatively influenced by violent video games, perhaps by being desensitized to the violence, but as long as the rating system is taken seriously, people will know that the games marked 'M' are not for children. A ban on violent video games would essentially limit what content people are allowed to publish and/or consume, based purely on someone else's opinion that it is too violent in nature for society to handle. And if some governing body was able to put a ban on violent video games, where would it stop? Would movies, music, and TV shows also come under scrutiny? If an adult wants to play a violent video game, they should be able to, just like they are able to watch violent movies, but parents should have enough sense to not allow their impressionable children to play them.

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stephannoi says2015-06-23T12:30:32.527
Why people always have something against violent video game?I think it's really unfair to ban violent games.There many people who love violent games and a ban of violent games wouldn't affect the video game industry but it would affect the economy.Since video game brought so many profit to economy therefore a ban of video game sale would slash the amount of money ,it can take in all while costing the industry thousand of jobs.
stephannoi says2015-06-23T13:06:52.020
I would say a ban of video game sale is the stupidest thing that you could do.It doesn't make the situation better,it only make the matter worse.
stephannoi says2015-06-23T13:11:34.563
And we have rating system on the package of the CD game.You could also follow the rating system if you want.It's not the video game industry fault.Some people should use more common sense in what they are doing,and if you think it's inappropriate for children then just don't buy it.But don't blame everything on the video game industry,it's unfair.
stephannoi says2015-06-23T13:23:48.677
I would say everyone should respect freedom.Living in the democratic country,it mean that you should respect freedom and the rule.There are different types freedom,and freedom to pursue of happiness is one type of freedom which people have the right to purchase what they want.And what they like.And a ban of video game sale would go against rule of freedom to pursue happiness.
stephannoi says2015-06-23T13:25:27.507
And I can say how some people selfishly behave.Just because they don't like violent games that doesn't mean it should be banned.I think those kind of people shouldn't be living in the free country.
stephannoi says2015-06-23T14:23:01.490
I am not against if someone don't like violent games and i support that they should have the right to express their opinion.But to ban violent games would be very unfair.Just like me,i don't really like to spend time on facebook because i think it's a time waste but i have never said it should be banned and it doesn't bothering me if someone like to spend time on facebook because i respect the happiness of certain individual and i think other people should think the same as me also.Sometimes you need to be fair with other human being.We live together in society and should respect each other.Otherwise if you only concern about yourself then you shouldn't be part of the society.
stephannoi says2015-06-23T14:28:27.497
And as i see on the debate that the majority 68 % says no,so it would be pointless to ban violent games.Violent video games should not be banned and i like to play violent games too.So it would be unfair for me as well, to ban violent games.
stephannoi says2015-06-23T15:40:52.287
And many studies has shown that since the popular violent games comes out,youth violent crime rate dropped.By 2007 video game sale increase to over 9.5$billion while violent crime decrease to over 1.5 ,million.
stephannoi says2015-06-23T15:51:22.337
By 2005 video game units had reached 225 million while youth violent crime dropped to around 18.5 million.Video game don't make kids violent.As well as it reduce juvenile violent crime.By 2008 the number of juvenile violent crime dropped 36 percent this include murder reduce to 62%,rapes reduce to 40 %,aggravated assault reduce to 33%.
stephannoi says2015-06-23T16:03:52.730
People always searching for new scapegoat.In 1960s TV and comic books are a scapegoat on violent acts.And nowadays video game is a new scapegoat on violent acts.It's easy to play the blame and searching for new scapegoat but no one people could be responsible for the challenge we faces and the lives we lost.
stephannoi says2015-06-23T16:16:18.863
It's easy to put a blame on somebody or something.But doing like that is not justified and the real problem will never be solved. It's only make you feel good in the short term but in the long term it can ruin your live and have a devastating effect on you.Whatever,what I am going to say is that only stupid people searching for new scapegoat,intelligent people wouldn't do such kind of stupid act.They would do differently.
stephannoi says2015-06-23T16:30:46.887
And the problem about misbehaving kids is ,that parent should be more responsible and make an good role model for children to imitate.You know that bad kids mostly have lack of parent supervision.Most of children learn the behavior from parents but sometimes they can also be influenced by friends,peers,students or even teachers.So it's important for all people especially parents and teachers to build an good environment for child development.This can Ofcourse could prevent about behavior problem in children.
stephannoi says2015-06-27T15:54:10.567
Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselve.I think those who devote yes disrespect the freedom of others,so they do not deserve to get freedom for themselves either.
stephannoi says2015-06-27T15:56:13.567
It would be better if those who devote yes shouldn't be living in the free country.They should move out.And just stop banning violent video games!!!!!It's stupid and pointless.
stephannoi says2015-06-27T16:06:59.707
Just like I said ,if you don't like product,then just don't buy it.Not all people have the same taste.And if we want to ban something,then you also should have a look on the positive and negative effect.If the negative effect outweighs the positive effect then it should be banned.But in case of violent video game is not that harmful.We all know in common that violent video game reduce youth violence therefore it should not be banned because it has a significant benefit to our society.
stephannoi says2015-06-27T16:12:17.190
I would say guns should be banned.Because guns increase gun violence in society.But I always see some people argue "guns don't kill people,people kill people" or sometimes they say "guns don't kill people,video game,the media,and Obama budget kill people".Some People can be really stupid.They are blind and screw up in their goddamn brain.