Should there be a ban on websites that glorify eating disorders?

  • Yes, this sort of speech is slander.

    No websites should be allowed to write anything that glorifies eating disorders. The majority of teenage girls and even some boys have body image issues, causing a significant amount of them to suffer from these disorders. Nothing should be permitted that promotes them, because this will only make the already prevalent issue even more prevalent. While I do agree that freedom of speech should be preserved, this type of speech should be considered slander, because it disturbs the peace. Slander is considered unprotected speech, so it can, in fact, be banned.

  • Yes, eating disorders have become a serious problem

    While I firmly believe in freedom of speech, I feel there should be a ban on websites that glorify eating disorders, because young people are extremely impressionable. Many young girls have body issues, and develop eating disorders, which often leads to mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety, not to mention other health problems.

  • There should be no such ban

    The website described is very bad, but it has a right to be very bad. I disagree with the website but we can't censor everything we disagree with. In principle I have to allow it to exist because of the issue of consitutionality. We have no authority to dictate who gets to have what opinion.

  • We should not ban any type of speech

    The very backbone on this great country of ours is built on the freedom of speech. If we start banning things just because we personally don't agree with them then where does it stop? There are plenty of things that go on in our country that I don't agree with but I certainly believe that they have a right to their on beliefs.

  • Free Speech Trumps All

    There are plenty of distasteful websites on the Internet. Hate groups, porn, and other websites offer a glut of hurtful things on the web that anyone can read. It's a part of our modern culture. Americans have the right to free speech, even when it hurts someone else, as long as that opinion isn't illegal. Websites that glorify eating disorders don't do much for the self-image of young girls. However, this is America and those types of websites shouldn't be banned.

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