• Beauty Pageants Help People to be Accepted

    A lot of people have prejudice against the Roma people. Years ago in the United States, where some of the same prejudices existed against African American people, the establishment of beauty pageants helped to get out the message "black is beautiful," which contributed at least a little to the lessening of prejudice. It is possible the same strategy could help the Roma people to be better accepted.

  • It would celebrate them.

    Yes, there should be a beauty pageant for the Roma, because it would help them celebrate their beauty and heritage. Also, there are positive benefits to participating in community activities, because they can help the community come together, and give people a goal to work towards. This would be a positive thing in the Roma community.

  • Yes, I think there should be a beauty pageant for the Roma people.

    I think if there is sufficient interest and people are interested in organizing it then I see no problem with the Roma people putting on beauty pageants, there are beauty pageants of all kinds all over the world for a variety of reasons and the Roma people should feel free to put one of their own on.

  • There shouldn't be beauty pageants

    Beauty pageants do nothing but give false expectations of what girls and women should look like, and in some cases men and boys as well. Instead of beauty pageants people should hold more talent shows and showcase their abilities and skills. Imagine the things that could be created if there were competitions to create cures for disease.

  • No, not unless the Roma people organize one.

    To ask this question is to imply there is something different, or unique, about the Roma people that must be recognized. Beauty pageants, I know, are not as inclusive as they ought to be, but they are intended to draw contestants from a large area, not an isolated group. I don't know why, but I find this question to be a bit offensive, as if for some reason the Roma people need to be considered separately. There's no reason that they can't choose to decide to have an exclusive beauty pageant for their own women, any race or ethnic group can do that, I suppose. I suppose they could also choose to send the winner of that event on to a more inclusive pageant. I guess I just don't get the gist of this question.

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