• Yes there should be

    Dr. King fought for a dream, a dream where nobody would be judge by the color of their skin. So we should pick a month to spit on his dream and judge people and their history based on their skin color. That way we honor the non racist dream of Dr.King...By judging based on skin color.

    Wait what?

    Posted by: N711
  • I Beleive so

    As a group African Americans struggled a lot and they deserve a month to remember those struggles and celebrate their culture. We should have one month dedicated to each race so that all cultures can be celebrated. Diversity is a wonderful thing. I believe that we should have an African American history month.

  • Of course not

    How would people like it if there was White History Month? Everybody would lose their minds, since whites are the "racists", because other race can't be racist. Also what makes the blacks so special? What exactly did they do that was so special? If there is a month just for a certain race, then there should be a month for every race.

  • I think it divides the races

    I believe if we want to end racism, then we should separate things according to race. Black people are the only ones who have a special month, we do we treat them different than the rest of us? Don't you think it would be better if we celebrated successful people not based on their race? Thanks

  • It should be 'black' history month every month the same as 'white' history month, it should be history month.

    The idea of labelling it as 'black' history month suggests that the history of ethnically 'black' people is completely separate to that of 'white' people, this is indeed not the case as all humans' history is intertwined with each other and therefore if there were to be any sort of history month it should be of all peoples and their heritage.

  • What about every one else

    There isn't a Japanese history month, and during world war 2 they were put into camps to separate them from the rest of the us. There isn't a Jewish history month, and everybody knows what happened to them during world war 2. And the native Americans don't have a month.

  • We are all equal.

    If we are truly all equal we shouldn't think the history of a certain race is more important than that of another. People act like we'll forget the Civil Rights Movement if we don't have it put in reality it is taught in schools throughout the year. All races are equal, let's start acting like it.

  • What would there be?

    It really just shouldn't happen for a few things:

    1. It divides black and white.
    2. It is not necessary to dedicate an entire month to blacks.
    3. If we have a black history month, why not do one for women's rights or gay people?

    Those are only three of the many available reasons why something like this just isn't right.

    The purpose of the black folk fighting for their rights was to keep the segregation away from the people. Having something like this puts Blacks over Whites--it's not right. I do not believe in racial, ethnic, political or social supremacy or prejudice, it is wrong and it harms the human race. Our own ignorance is what is ruining this country and has been for the past hundreds of years.

  • No, not as long as..

    There is a Caucasian, Hispanic, or Asian month, I believe that it would be racist on the matter to deem a month for black people. I do respect Dr. King in all matters, and am against all forms of racism, but a thing such as this would be contributing to racism itself.

  • No.Is the accomplishment of blacks more special then others.

    Let's look back after the civil war when blacks went on a killing spree of innocent white families.Stop making it seem that they were all so perfect.They were not close.Please search the history and you will find out how brutal they were.Some of the so called liberial historians try and hide some of history of blacks. If you want to know the truth it's out there.

  • Sounds like division of races to me

    Slavery, struggles why should that be a reason for a month dedicated to a color and history. I'm pretty sure that for one, African Americans weren't the only slaves in America and two, that struggles come to all. This month is just ridiculous and shouldn't be a thing to begin with. It makes it seem like one color should have higher recognition than the others.

    Have some American History Month. History on those who made a difference to make America a better place.

    Just going to say that this is MY opinion. Argue back to me in a mature manner if you don't agree with me. Adieu

  • It Is a Catalyst for Racial Tension, Not A Cure

    First, having a month that singles out a single racial group’s contributions to history provides a platform for divisive propaganda. In researching articles and resources available for teachers and leaders to use during “Black History Month” I discovered that in many if not most cases, the history was re-written to be exclusively black. An example is an excerpt on the history of the NAACP (http://www.History.Com/topics/black-history/black-history-facts):

    "Spurred by growing racial violence in the early twentieth century, and particularly by race riots in Springfield Illinois in 1908, a group of African American leaders joined together to form a new permanent civil rights organization, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)."

    What is fails to mention is that a majority of the founders of this organization were not black. Other histories often credit George Washington Carver as the inventor of peanut butter. The examples are not isolated or hard to find.

    Secondly, the notion that the black race’s contributions alone are not significant enough to be considered without including their race is demeaning. Did Percy Julian get elected to the National Academy of Sciences because he was black or because of his achievements in chemistry. To be sure, he lived in a time when his ‘blackness’ would provide obstacles for achievement I have yet to find any indication that he cited it himself.

    Why not use the month to celebrate achievements of our citizens regardless of their race. Build a national pride that brings us together rather than a racial pride that tears us apart. If people are overlooked in history, let’s work to recognize them, but not with the emphasis being on race.

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