• Yes, there should be a monthly Buy Nothing Day.

    Our society is obsessed with material goods and consumption. One need look no further than videos of Black Friday chaos to see how sad and pathetic it truly is. Have a Buy Nothing Day every month would be a good way to encourage people to reconsider their consumer lifestyle and think about what's really important in life.

  • Yes, there should be a buy nothing day every month.

    Yes, it is my belief that there should be a buy nothing day every month because Americans, or people in general, buy so much stuff every day, whether it is essential to living or not. There should be a day every month, nationally or personally, where you do not buy anything.

  • No, as this is unnecessary

    I don't feel like this will improve on anything. Yes, we purchase so many consumer products every day. A lot of those things we need- like food, clothing, and supplies. These needs outweigh what people want- like computers or treats. Not all americans spend their money excessively on items, so this won't help much at all. Also, owners of companies and retailers won't be able to get enough money to help support their business, and that will cause a national problem to rise.

  • No, i disagree.

    There should be no such day as a "buy nothing day" every month. This is because we can't survive without buying stuff. In fact shopping is some people's best thing to do. In addition to that the country's economy depends on this through taxes that we pay during buying. We do not want to bring the country's economy down.

  • Buy Nothing Days are merely a gimmick that only hurts retailers, workers and the economy.

    Buy Nothing Days would be a good idea if consumers stuck to them and saved that money that would otherwise be spent, but it would hurt the economy and adversely affect consumers in thee long run. There is no evidence to suggest that these days do any good, since most people simply shop another day and the day without sales make it difficult for retailers to adequately staff stores and hurts workers. There used to be Buy Nothing days every week - they were called Sundays.

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