• More Independent Research Required

    Acne can afflict a person in many different ways (as already touched upon above). Some people may experience it only for a few short years during e.g. their teenage years and it might only be mild acne. Others could experience it for a much longer period - 20+ years, and it could range from moderate to severe acne. It can appear not just on face, but on many areas of the skin. It can be very uncomfortable physically (e.G. Itchy and painful) and socially. It can have a very detrimental impact on a person's life. It does affect millions of people - the young and old. Medication does not always work. Perhaps if a robust long term study conducted by an independent body or charity or funded by government(s) was undertaken to try and better understand the causes of acne, the lives of millions of people could be improved. In my opinion, there is simply not enough independent research or data on the subject. The private sector would of course not benefit from a natural solution to the problem that did not require repeat treatments. There are also a lot of people charging a lot of money for treatment and/or advice that does not work - they are praying on the desperate and vulnerable. Acne for many people cannot be treated simply by washing or taking medication. Our skin is real and with us all our lives. We see it and touch it every day. We live in it. We cannot walk away from it. Yes, there are more worthy causes, but that does not mean that we should not try to resolve other problems people in our society face that they feel reduces their quality of life. Perhaps the solution is easier than we think, but until some reliable, comprehensive research is done, we will never know.

  • Physical pain, random bleeding, disfiguring scars and cysts.

    Try having a normal life when friends and strangers alike voice their disgust and fear that you may give them a disease. How about putting on pants or a shirt and the slight abrasions making you bleed or spill pus down your legs or chest and back. Work in the service industry? Enjoy the concerned looks pf every third table. How about the hot pain of cyst that needs surgery to be removed?

  • Self Esteem Creates Productive American Citizens

    Low self esteem can lead to psychological issues - and mental disease. How about the nine or ten year old child who is the first person in her class to have a breakout and teased - to the point of suicide or depression. We need to wake up and take our youth's problems seriously. Honestly - there is a reason there are over four million hits on the video that a "now model" created to show ladies how to cover acne with makeup - that's right 4 MILLION hits!

  • Fight against acne

    Either if you suffer from acne or know someone who does, do you think that they got/ or either get enough support? Currently I am trying to set up a charity/organisation to help acne suffers! As personally I don't believe there is enough support, especially as I've been through it myself! I would like to know people opinions on if you think more support is needed? Or how you were treated as an acne sufferer? I am currently in contact with leading dermatologists and finding out new treatments constantly! Please let me know your thoughts and feelings on the issue! Any information will be more than helpful, thanks

  • We have more pressing medical needs.

    Acne is by and large a cosmetic issue, and there are a host of accepted medical treatments- few of them are expensive and many are covered by insurance.
    There is no reason to waste money on a cosmetic issue when there are major diseases out there that are desperate for funds- diseases that actually kill and debilitate. Let's spend out money on cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, MS, and the like BEFORE we get around to minor issues.

  • Use some Proactive

    I think it is safe to say that everyone has either had or will get acne in their lifetime. This, however, does not constitute acne as a major medical problem. We have more severe medical problems such as cancer, Alzheimer's, autism, down syndrome, etc to worry about, which is undoubtedly why there are so many charities for them. What makes acne deserving of its own charity? You can buy Proactive or another acne cream for less than $100, why would a charity need to go in to pay for this or research acne?

  • This is rediculous

    You are acting as if this is some major sickness, its nothing more than some dirty skin that wouldn't be a problem if you washed your face on a regular basis to begin with. There are far more important issues out there needing attention then beauty problems.

    Also acne suicide?

  • Seriously! For Acne!

    People are dying of cancer. People get diabetes. Children in Africa are dying right now because they don't have enough food. Heck people are drowning in debt. But forget about all that because there is a much more urgent crisis, Acne! It's an epidemic! Don't give your money to those other causes. Help stem the tide of Acne!

  • Really?Grow up and get over ii.

    Everyone has acne at some point in their life and its normal. Wasting money for acne research though? Come on, get over yourself . The money that you might use towards this is could be used for some facial wash from the store or a doctor people are starving and die every day from not being able to afford food. There's way worse things happening than acne to kids in this world.

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