• Yes children should be allowed to run for president (with some limitations)

    I am josh i am 12 years old and i say children should be allowed to run for president of course with some restrictions(age/IQ ect.)
    Most people would ridicule me for this but look at these past elections
    donald trump:whines bursts out, doesn't think of consequences
    hillary clinton: did something stupid because it was "convenient"(almost caused deaths) "slam talks" other opponents gains respect for having popular friends

    those are all childish attitudes and these are our front runners and some children are much smarter than these people. We are people to.

    There have been many young leaders in history and none have been terrible. This also may teach children to be more successful and mature kids repeat what they see especially if they are close in age and what do we give them as examples "damn daniel" we need to show kids to work hard

  • Great idea for a kid president

    Kids have so much more enthusiasm and would actually do what they feel is right and not try and just please everyone. They would also just be so glad that their helping everyone they wont have a reason to lie about what they are going to do in ways of society.

  • No, but the age to run should be lowered

    I myself am I kid still but I at least have the sense to know that We arn't the brightest humans, actually we are the dumbest since we are still learning from the adults, But i do think the age should be lowered from 35 to either 25 or 30.

  • Bad idea to make a kid president.

    Kids don't have as much experience as an adult. If kids become president, America could be taken advantage of by other countries. And plus, the president runs the army and that is no small thing to do. If the president accidentally makes a mistake, the kid could destroy America. Kids are still growing. They need a chance to learn.

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