• Old fashioned manners should be the rule on planes.

    There should be a code of conduct for airplane passengers. As the years go by, people simply get more and more obnoxious. They either try to squeeze into seats too small for them, cough too much and spread possible disease, touch the seat in front of them too much, or talk too much. All of these bahaviors are annoying and should be against policy.

  • Yes, otherwise flying is hell.

    When you get on a plane now, you are sitting close to others for a long period of time. There should be a code of conduct that speaks to how and when to recline seats, how much space one person can take up, where the carry on luggage goes, and so on so that rights are respected and there's less chance of violence.

  • I Think There Is

    I believe there is an unwritten code of conduct for airplane passengers. I believe most of us can agree on some basic rules and those are generally followed by those who respect people around them. There are some people who think they're above these unspoken laws and many others who think they're own rules apply to the masses. We don't need an official set of laws for passenger conduct.

  • Don't be a distraction.

    Yes, there should be a code of conduct for airplane passengers, because there are a lot of passengers who are a distraction to others. Passengers should learn to do better job being courteous. That means, not being intoxicated before or during the flight. It means letting others go first if they have an earlier connection.

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